Spectacular 3D Entry: Ziv Qual


:thumbsup: thnx guys :thumbsup:


Great ideia, and great production!

only now i see you contest!
Very good!
good luck!



Ziv! Amazing image. Congratulations. I would have liked to have seen it getting torn apart by giant fire balls, but the story and the image together make it great the way it is. Best of luck to you and great work! :beer:


Hi! The very great image! I really like your version of Babylon! In my view that is one of the most impressive in its scale! The magnificent atmosphere of the city! Congratulations! All the best and Good luck! :slight_smile:


This is awesome.

Good luck.


Great composition! Although I didn’t have time to look around enough, yours is the best I’ve seen so far in this CGChallenge.



Not only a great image overall (the colours are very nice for instance), but also one that is actually compliant with the brief, being spectacular and everything.

Congrats on a job very well done.



Man, that’s GREAT! CONGRATULATIONS :applause:


really nice modeling,
good luck


Spectcular image and well-done!:thumbsup: Congrats and good luck to you!


Hi Ziv, it’s a pleasure to see your scene, really an amazing, you be proud. CONGRATULATIONS and good luck. :applause: :applause:


Wow man your work is superb, outstanding details and composition, SPECTACULAR!


If you ever decided to sell prints of this, I would seriously love to have this as a huge poster. Great job!


simply amazingly spectacular…you deserve to win! congrats, crazy boy!


Great final picture Ziv, incredible details and beautiful mood, congratulation :thumbsup:
Good luck for the judging :applause:


WOW that’s very very spectacular, great work. Congratulations on your final, and good luck!:thumbsup:


hey you are the master, and i am your servant!:thumbsup:


The more are read about the technical details and intermediate renders, the more I became amazed. Now this low-resolution picture looks really frustrating. Thanks for sharing your processing steps that were a thrilling well of knowledge! I really don’t know how you 3D guys can manage the headache computers never miss to give you all the time :banghead: :applause:


Hi Ziv.

Congrats on the final image!
Truely spectacular!
excelent job!:bowdown:
Good Luck!
(not that i think you will need it, he he)


This came out really well. Your attention to detail is really off the charts. The rendering of the sky where it meets the building is very cool. Great effects and post.