Spectacular 3D Entry: Ziv Qual


Really impressive! I should say Spectacular!
I think the bump of the front building is a little strong, it should be softer more sandy.
If you aren’t among the winners…


good luck ziv

awesome work . the enviroment and texture work are amazing


Really spectacular! I feel breathtaking!

Good luck, man!:applause:


fresh from the oven …
Checked my other computer and it finnaly finished rendering (see the image how long it took o_0 ).

Unfortunatly I couldnt find a way to put this in without ruinning the composition so I’ll be dropping this idea.
I’m gonna take this weekend to finalize this image and submit the final on saturday.


Amazing, really a great work here. Good work with the particles, what’s software, 3D max? i’m impatient to see the final, congrats :applause:




added some cracks all over the tower.
mainly in the lower stories where the pressure is higher.


5 and a half days to render that smoke/fog… and it won’t work?.. thats rough! Any chance we could get a peek at what that did look like in the composition, even though you decided that it would be best to take it out? I understand this is crunch time, though… don’t worry about showing us if its going to be any trouble.

I wish you the best of luck here… I’m continually amazed by the sheer scale of this project here.



Gee zman, I was so curious to see your composition with that great spiral… can’t you show us anyway.
Your work is really fabulous, congratulations friend.


Just rendered another layer of dust.
This one is much “lower” than the first one. I figured most of the dust is closer to the ground (when everyone is running and the ground is shaking) so I made this layer.
It wont be a very noticable difference but it adds.


since the tower is just starting to crack up and crumble, I’m adding a little bit of dust to the bottom of the first floors (again, where the pressure is the strongest).


here it is compositted in.
need some feedback on it (more / less ?) cause I think I am totally losing objectivness over this piece allready :slight_smile:


Hey Ziv,

It is hard to tell that the tower is cracking up , I do get the cracking up feeling by the dust after I read that is what you were trying to do. Just a thought, maybe the dust could blowing out the holes of the bottom floors more. Now , the dust just seem to be hovering over the ground a little too much.
I must say you have an impressive image:drool: , and I look forward to the final.


Looks great so far :thumbsup:

Good luck for the final image :bounce:


It was just another silent, peaceful day in Babylon, the center of all cultures, 5,500 years ago when all of a sudden, clouds strangely started to gather over the Tower of Babel. Most people kept at their daily business, not even realizing that the very existence of the tower had angered God. The first to realize what was happening were the animals. They sensed something was wrong and begun panicking slightly before there were even signs of the chaos that was about to hit the tower. After a short while the sky started to shape in an unnatural way, being very bright on one side and dark on the other. This was in fact a revelation of God himself. At this point most people still didn’t know what was going on and while some stood shocked and terrified, others were fascinated by the spectacular view. Some people still kept at their daily occupations ignoring all the signs. Moments later, the ground which the tower was built upon started trembling, increasingly shaking the very foundations of the tower. Thats the point when this image takes place - just about the last second the Tower of Babylon stood tall, when it just started cracking up (the lower stories beared the highest pressure) and a few moments before it collapsed and changed the face of human history forever.
While watching helplessly as mankinds’ greatest creation began crumbling into nothing more than bricks and dust the confusion just got much greater as God started to spread different languages among the cultures resulting in anger and forever separating mankind into many groups.

[disclaimer] I did a lot of research about this story and about the tower design before I even began working on it. I’ve tried to keep things generally authentic but also to give them my own twist.

A few notes about the symbolism in this piece -

Peace - I think the whole concept of Babylon, the city where all the cultures lived together speaking the same language and worked together for a shared goal, is the strongest symbol of peace. When you think about it, This was the last time mankind ever lived in peace.

Advances/Innovation - The Tower of Babylon was probably one of mankinds greatest creations. It probably seemed impossible to create a few years before the construction begun, same as things and achievements we make today seemed impossible yesterday. I think this tower is a symbol of mankinds will to always push his boundaries and break the limits (even as far as to reach the height of God and maybe beyond it).

God - The bible is filled with stories about how mankind angered God and got punished for it but also were forgiven for their sins. I’ve tried to symbolize that in the sky and in the lighting: one side of the sky is dark and raging while the other is warm and “hopeful”. The general lighting setup is the same - cold from one side and warm from the other. The end result of this story is the same: God was angry, but he decided to only shake the ground around the tower itself to bring it down and not to harm people who were far enough from it.

That is it !!
I would like to seriusly thank everyone who supported me on this in the past 2 months! the critique especially helps when working on a single frame for so long and losing objectivity.

good luck to everyone !


Hey Ziv,

Congrats on a great image:thumbsup: , the light effect on the right side of the image looks great. Good luck .


Thnx m8
here’s a higher quality image (about 33% of full image).

and some close ups

Tower cracking up -

Tower cracking up 2 -

Market mess -

market / dock -

Wrath of god -

skies of hope -


jaw drops

I’ve been following this for awhile, but still… it gets me every time…

Phenomenal!.. in every sense of the word!



true thats greate picture


Grand scale scene.
i feel your passion…~
Good luck.