Spectacular 3D Entry: Ziv Qual


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Latest Update: Final Image: Rage over Babylon


When i first saw the topic, I immedietly knew one thing - i wanna make something huge, the term “sence of scale” is often the key to make something truely stunning and spectacular. after a few days with dozens of ideas that run through my head I’ve decided to go with 1 of the events that forever changed the human history - the tower of babel. Builders from all over the world joined up and tried to build a tower that will actually reach heaven. their presumption, however, angered Jehovah, who interrupted construction by causing among them a previously unknown confusion of languages. He then scattered these people, speaking different languages, over the face of the earth.

I’m stil in the stage of planning the actual composition and story.
Meanwhile i’m making a few tests as I plan to make a very detailed scene, just the quick basic test-tower i’ve built using symmetry and array is costing me around 1.5 million polys …


Cool man, nice concept, Looking forward to se the cam angle and the action you gonna set up in there. Goodluck !




Great idea. I think the scene needs a crowd of people at the bottom, elephants, stones leftover from the building of the tower, camels, and one awesome POV for it all. Look forward to how this turns out!


few thats alot of polies


Awesome concept, by far one of my favorites. Nice light and modeling, can’t wait for updates.


Stares at tower thats already kick ass, and its only a test! Best of luck man


Might be fun to have a small crown in the forground, like a foreman, architect and others etc. arguing over the constuction… of course they wouldn’t understand each other…


I’m stil checking my options with the modeling. On one hand, i wanna go crazy with the details later on so i keep the whole base with clean quads and on the other Hand, I havent evan begun with all the rest of the stuff i got in my mind and i am allready at 3.5 million polys …
here’s a quick look at how its modeled.


This is just another test render.
I stil need to figure out exactly how i put everything into place with the composittion. I am thinking of taking this a bit further and give it my own twist.
hold on for the concept sketch :slight_smile:

this actually took 50 hours to render (in good quality in 2660 x 3636, the JPG filesize limit really ruins it), not that i minded too much being busy with work over the week, but i fear the final image’s rendertime …


so the first thing that came to mind when i read the guidlines was that sence of scale will have to take a large role in the image. then I realized that its not enough, I need to make something that is somehow “dinamic”, to catch something big happening the second it happens. I’ve decided to make the fall of babilon as i imagine it.

note this sketch was only made to show my general idea for the sence of scale (look at the height of the “houses”) and what will be generally hapening.
the camera angle is more or less final as well.

now i have to start going crazy on the details and yet keep it all “affordable” memorywise …


I like where you are going with this. The camera angle gives a great sense of scale ,and looming danger. Keep up the great work!


i’ve actually spent a few hours till i got a good camera angle :slight_smile:


Good concept, I like it man, Babel is a very strong theme and the way you plan your illustration looks very promising. Good luck with it and I’ll be back to see how it’s taking shape:thumbsup: :slight_smile:


finnaly found some free time this weekend …

besides some modeling progress, my time was also spent for more carefull planning on how to proceed with this. I’ve decided to not use meshsmooth. there are 2 meanning to this - my workflow will be much slower as i chamfer everything by hand and when i will wanna make changes, it would mean dealing with much higher poly count on the base mesh.
the second meanning to this is that i cut the poly count by 300% …

anyways, I’ve focused mainly on the lower part of the tower - the first 2 levels and the beggining of the spiral part. I know it all might look too repetetive. I’m planning on changing that as much as I can to have a good base and then add the real details that will make the variation - flags, torches, plants and so on (plz give me more ideas for details :slight_smile:

I think i’ll take a little break from the tower and start on the city around it now.


Wow. This is looking amazing. I love how you have the base of the tower sitting on the slope of the hill and then the main part continues straight up like it’s supposed to. I can’t wait to see this thing get destroyed! … That didn’t sound right. :smiley: Anyway, keep up the great work. :thumbsup:


impressive modeling, good good work;)

Waiting to see more :slight_smile:


Exelent Model, Good Beginning, Nothing That To Say. Good Lock


just thought I’d share some of the refference images I’ve collected on the net to get a good idea of the originaltower design.
I plan to keep the general look close to the original as i see in the paintings and then add my own stuff while stil keeping the base the same as it was … and then start destroing it :slight_smile:


Interesting how the basic design is pretty much universally accepted and there’s only minor variations between each artist’s conception of the tower. Oh, and I just took a look at your website. I must say I’m impressed. :applause: