Spectacular 3D Entry: Vincent Wan Wai Hoong


Vincent Wan Wai Hoong is entered in the “Spectacular Challenge” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Post Effects and Compositing: enhanced storm matte

My 2D challenge:



This concept image was conceived over about 6 guinness stouts in a mexican restaurant at the bar counter.

Sketched over 4 pieces of A4 paper in a crucifix format.

Theme is my vision of how spectacular it will be, should ‘The Arrival’ finally happen. All major cultures in the world have an “arrival” element in their history, usually accompanied by judgement first, then cleansing and finally salvation. It is not necessarily religious at all, as even many modern Americans (generally atheists) look forward to an “alien” arrival to salvage this planet from the ravages of greed, socialism, capitalism and whatever -ism of human beings, including artists, should they consider themselves somehow exempted from this coming retribution.

Yeah, im a fatalist and i need to now go see my psychiatrist for my weekly session.

All the best to challengers.


WoWw thsi is one cool sketch It took you 4 pieces of paper to do this sketch? Very cool !


cool character


Cool sketch! Interesting idea. Keep it going can’t wait to see more from you! :thumbsup:


Great idea! Looking forward to seeing more…


Thank you to all who commented my sketch.

These will be ships that accompany the arrival. The deployment stations will be the formation that will energise the appearance of the Messenger.

The panoramic matte painting will be the support vista for the Messenger and support stations.

There are many planes, i.e. flat panel like panoramas behind the Messenger. That is caused by the Alien’s Inter-Dimension propulsion technology. As they break out from revolving dimensions, our reality is broken and forms these corrupted dimension planes in the wake of the Arrival of the Messenger.

Being multi-dimension representations, some planes tell the future in brief revelations as shown in the multitude of worshippers inside the plane behind the Messenger’s pelvic area, a foretaste perhaps to the real intentions of the Arrival of this Messenger…


Looks interesting.
I look forward to seeing the final composition with light source and all elements in place.
The cruciform will work well, but it is worth considering an alternative viewpoint than the head on for your sketch.

Good luck


veeeery cool, i didnt know you guys got guiness over there. :wink: cool. We dont in germany lol.
Great sketches by the way, will be checking back on this one.


good luck!


very nice drawings! good luck to you


This has great potential. Great drawings too. THis is one to watch best of luck with it.


Oh…your ship design’s very good. Wonder where would the ship go on the final image. :slight_smile: Looks cool both sketches. I like this thread more and more



first stage modelling oof the Support station. These humongous stations will be in formation over the Russian Steppes where they will energise the appearance of ‘The Messenger’, a Fourth-Generation HaloPhotomic Entity.


i couldn’t understand the concept image but i think i will find out by the updates coming.


Quick approach wif cool sketches~
i like how u idealize out the Four pieces of papers…

I NEVA DID DAT Before! Looking promising.
i should give a try soon.

Cut down the Beer is gonna make ur tummy rounded soon…hee!

Go on man!


Thanks for comments people.

Dinodog: Always good to find another Malaysian. As for the tummy. Its too LATE!!:scream:
While I liked your 2d challenge, you need to clarify your future designs. Muchos gracias for your comments.


modelling more or less completed. Detailing courtesy of greeble. Early light test to check modelling effect.


Main body of the freighter. The Gyro Assembly should be completed monday. This ship will be seen around the panoramic of the final composition.


Very early make-up and lighting test. Ignore the Annie Lennox hairstyle, just didn’t want her catching a cold. eyelashes yet to be modeled.