Spectacular 3D Entry: Vance R. Fry


Another look at my tests for color contrast between the “sky” and the meteors.


Hi, it looks nice, hope to see it falling from the sky onfire soon…! :slight_smile:



yeah, interesting meteor, I’m looking forward to see ehat you come up for the fire and smoke. That’s in my “to do” list as well.


Here’s a look at the shader for my mountains. (This isn’t the model, though.)


Here’s a lighting/rendering test of the scene so far. I’ve painted in some rough shapes to represent future parts of the scene that aren’t done yet.


well, after some discussion with my wife, I think I need to rethink the composition a little. It’s far too late in the game, I know, but I’ll do my best. Basically, the perspective in two directions isn’t working really well because it makes the city feel too cluttered among other things. So I’m just going to go for “tall,” not “deep” as well. You’ll see fewer buildings, but they’ll take up more of the frame. (Which means they’ll have to be more detailed as well… Grr…) I’m also going to try to have a stylized back wall. Maybe like it’s tiled or something. (Mountain and cloud tiles? Hmm…)

Anyhow, that’s just the state of things. I’ll update again soon before the final push.


But you will finish it right? Please?..

Go go go!


Well, I managed to piece together the rest of the scene. Basically, it looks like the previous version except not as “deep.” It has a skyline-looking city instead of the “street view” of the old one.

I’m currently rendering the high-res file. I’d love to show you more, but it’ll be a few hours. (Maybe more than a few on my machine.) I’ll post the final as soon as I can.


Well, bad news on my end. My earlier render attempt did the fun “maya runtime error” thingy. Several times. So I’m reverting to an earlier version of the scene. Far fewer city models, with some different tweaks to the shaders. One thing is that I’m not using any mental ray shaders this time. I don’t know if that was the problem, but I do know that they were slow. I also don’t seem to have any more runtime errors. It seems to be chugging along nicely and should finish on time. I’m going to fire up Photoshop on my other computer to start the post effects layer. It’ll basically just be a few stars on the upper part of the screen, and then I’ll drop it onto the final 3k square render when it finishes. If all goes well, I squeak in with a few hours to spare.


hey dude, render with the command line instead and you will free up some valuable RAM; around 200MB worth could be more…


Painting some star-like dots across the top. This is it for post effects. Everything else is straight out of mental ray.


Well, here is my final image. The final render was 3072x3072, yet all of you get to see it squeezed into the 150K box. Oh, well, I’ll try to host some crops or higher-res versions somewhere else.

I think a little bit of back story is probably in order. From the very beginning, I wanted to do something different with the style of this image. When I started, I said that my image would be like a painting of Earth’s last moments that is hanging in an art gallery in some distant future, when mankind has been wiped from the earth and the survivors of the species exist on a faraway world. That thought kind of morphed into a “cathedral of memories” idea, where my render depicts the entire future museum. At the end, I split the difference. What you see is an art installation in that future museum. The installation was done by a college student as her senior project. This student has titled her work, “Memories of Earth.”

I just have to say that, while I’m happy that I finished and that it turned out okay, I really need to plan better for my next work. I think I created far more stuff for this image than I ended up using. I also changed directions way too many times. A lesson learned, for sure.

Memories of Earth
by Mikayla Rae Fry – completed November 29th, 2081
In memory of the day when our sparkling world was lost


Here are some 100% crops of the final image:


Think you did an amazing job, so different from all other entries…
Great stuff to watch the progress… Great render

Good luck to you! :thumbsup:


Thanks for the compliment, Michael! I like your piece a lot, too. Very cool and surreal.


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