Spectacular 3D Entry: Vance R. Fry


Here’s what I think might be my final (close to final?) shader for the meteor’s main surface. I’d like to have a few color variations, of course, so it doesn’t look all the same, but this one looked pretty good and gave me a decent render time. I’m also planning on having a more yellowish “cage” surrounding these puzzle pieces. Basically, the bars of that cage will go in the gaps–a sort of outline for these maroon pieces.


hiya vrf

nice modeling there mate! cool modeling technique!
cheers mate and keep updating ! :thumbsup:


I had time to model a few more buildings today.


More buildings. Yes, simple, but that’s what I’m going for. The bottom view shows that some of the buildings will have a glass shell, with details visible inside.


Great Idea… I can see this going far… All you need now is to WORK WORK WORK!


Just tinkered around last night with some shaders for the smaller meteors.


Here’s a model of one of the smaller meteors. I think these will have a maroon glass “shell,” with the yellow balls visible inside, and then with wireframe “flames” around the outside of it. (See the post before this one.)


Just some simple modeling of the city blocks that those buildings will rest upon. More (much more) to come.


I’ve just been inspired in a slightly different direction. Same theme and everything, same focus on “3D impressionism.” Similiar composition, too. But rather than have this image be a “work of art” in a distant future art gallery, I’d like to have my scene be the art gallery.

I’m thinking it’ll be like this giant “cathedral of memory”, dedicated to earth’s last moments. Think of something like this…

…except with the floor being my cityscape, and the ceiling having these giant meteors hanging from it. (NOTE: That is not my picture, as you can see from the copyright. It was found via google and is only something to give you an idea of the scale of my image.)

I’ll kick it around some more, but I think I want to run with this.

Must hurry…


Testing some shaders/colors for how the yellow wireframe will look against the meteor.


Here were some tests that I did when trying to find the final “look” for the main meteor.


This will give you guys an idea of how I’m modeling the wire-frame “flames” around my main meteor. Basically, I created a duplicate of the meteor and modified it to include the dunce-cap shape that you see on the left. I then combine that all into one mesh and use it as a live guide for the wires, which are created by extruding a small circle along a curve. (Yes, this modeling technique was inspired by the work of Meats Meier.)


Here’s some pics where I was once again tinkering with the composition and camera angle using basic block models. I think I do so much of this because I don’t want to be messing around in Photoshop after the render. I’m going to try to render this in one pass, and then leave it alone–with the exception of basic color correction if any is needed.


Here I’m starting to piece together the buildings with the city blocks.


Another look at the cityscape.


More work on the city. It’s slow-going, but I really want to make it look like it’s not just the same model duplicated a bunch of times.


Here’s a quick look at what I’ll probably have as my lighting once I have the bits of the scene all assembled. I like the “sunset” effect because it really adds texture to the landscape. It’ll look much better when I have the final shaders assigned and mental ray doing all of its indirect lighting tricks.


Another look at the city so far. I’d say it’s about a third done. Needs a lot more buildings and other details.


The left picture is another look at the meteor. I’ve added some little nibbles and nobbles to it, just for more detail and shadow-casting texture. The right picture is an attempt at the wireframe “flames” idea that I had going for awhile. I’ve now decided to scrap that idea. The Meats-inspired spaghetti-strand flames didn’t give the meteor the sense of movement that I want to convey. So I’m switching to some really straight flames. Long, streaky lines and such. I’ve not tackled that part of the project, but I will soon. (Must hurry…)


Just playing around with different colors/shaders for the background of the image. It has to look somewhat like a sky, but also like it could part of a future building.