Spectacular 3D Entry: Vance R. Fry


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Latest Update: Final Image: Memories of Earth


My idea for this challenge is to create an illustration that would hang in an art gallery in the distant future. Earth is long gone, destroyed years ago by a comet. A small sampling of mankind was able to flee the planet before its destruction, ensuring the survival of the race. Artists in this future often focus on images of Old Earth, including its final moments.

This is a quick Photoshop hack-up of the general colors and idea of what I’m going for. Stylistically, I’d like to dry something different for this image. Something non-photorealistic perhaps, or maybe surreal. I’m haven’t quite nailed the details down, but I’ll say that the CGTalk feature on Meats Meier certainly provided some inspiring material. I’d like to do something that is surreal in a way similiar fashion.

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Hi there!

nice concept…i think it’s a good idea…because you have a lots of thingz to do…so your final image will have details…

good luck!


It be lookin’ similar to mine. Yarr!


Hmm… You’re right that we both have the comet idea. I think I just saw another thread that has a similiar idea, too. I guess it’s hard to have a “Spectacular” challenge and not have at least a handful of people independently come up with the “earth-gets-smashed-by-giant-space-object” scenario.

Anyhow, I’ll keep picking away at the idea so that it’s different enough to be unique, though. I think the style I have in mind will be diffferent enough, but perhaps the concept could use a few more “unique” elements, too.

Thanks for stopping by!


haha darn it… my idea doesn’t feel so original anymore…

i guess you have a comet hitting a city… and i have meteors hitting in a mountainous region… same concept… maybe it’s time to rethink my idea as well… nice concept sketch… pretty clear on what you want to do… i wonder how you’ll do the comet in 3d. Keep up the good work.



muaahaha, are you talking about me?
For what is worth I think all 3 concepts are different enough. They might have the same basic idea but there is much more to that IMHO. I wouldn’t let that discourage any of you.


Sorry I didn’t mean to discourage you! :slight_smile: There’s no entry in the rules that says you can’t do something just becuse someone else is doing the same or similar. no-one’s ripping anyone off here, so keep it up man!


Just some quickly sketched ideas for the style of the comet (and layout). Again, I’m not going for a realistic look. The models are going to be bizarre and stylized. I’ll attempt to have realistic rendering and light effects though, despite the stylized models. Call it 3D impressionism, if you will.


Blocking out some rough layout ideas in 3D. I think I’m leaning towards the vertical one.


3d impressionism? This can be quite a nice image! cann’t wait to see how you takle the style.


My cityscape will be made up of relatively simple building shapes. Cylinders, cubes, spheres, etc. Here’s a concept piece where I’m just playing with some shaders to dress up those simple shapes a bit. Specifically, I wanted to see how the lights and materials reflected off of each other during rendering.


Hi. nice concept. keep going. good luck.:thumbsup:


Here’s the very beginning of the modeling process. Again, my city models will be made up of basic geometric shapes. The final effect, of course, will be in the lighting and rendering.



nice concept and good start so far. From above the buildings are going to be really tiny so you’re right in the basic geometry there.


I haven’t had a lot of time lately to commit for this challenge, and I know I should be really hitting the modeling of this scene, but I can’t help but feel that my “simple” city models won’t work very well unless I have some quality shaders and rendering. And so I keep playing around with shaders. The glass shader you see here is a modifed version of Lobber’s l-glass shader. The Maya rendering forum has a thread with lots of tips on using this shader. You can download the original shader here: http://home.broadpark.no/~rslettli/mentalray.html


I got around to do a little modeling this weekend. I didn’t start the actual city yet, but here’s some of the countryside that will surround the city.

The nice thing about this goal of “3d impressionism” is I have no obligation to model things realistically. If I want to interpret a tree as a simple cone, or a barn as a simple cylinder–no problem. I have some more bizarre interpretations for the city and especially for the giant meteors. More to come.


Just trying to nail down a final composition. I think this might be pretty close. I like the idea of cropping one of the giant meteors out of the frame so I can make it much larger–almost planet size–than the other smaller flaming chunks.


Well, I’m starting the long modelling journey now. Here’s a look at the process so far for the main meteor. I wanted a kind of “fractured” look to it, so I used a basic meteor shape as a guide and built all these little puzzle pieces on the surface of it. Those will then be smoothed and randomized a little.


Another WIP look at building the pieces on the meteor surface.