Spectacular 3D Entry: udom ruangpaisitporn


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Latest Update: Final Image: Hanuman


nice to see you in here again. Good luck krub:)


good luck na krub.


This is my hero.


Awesome sketch u got there,any details about subject?
Great start and i cant wait for more updates:thumbsup:


Great character design and composition, looks like it will be a lot of work (and a lot of fun) to model. Alexi


ruck on mateeeeeeeeee … i am your threade fallower…ruck on :bounce:


This is my first model.
here is inspiration from a monkey.


Hi , how are you man , you are still THAI POWER! :thumbsup: and glad to see you are a FULL TIME CHALLENGER , hope this challenge will be a lot of fun , good luck , and nice HANUMAN!


That’s hot!!!:thumbsup:

Fantastic concept and great modeling head. Excellent start!:scream:


The armour I got idea from lotus shape.


the amour looks cool, but a little bit flat imo. :wink:
first i saw the image i thought that your model is a textured low-poly model… :smiley: :wink:


How’s it going man?

The monkey warrior looks wicked from the side, reminds me a bit of Thundercats. Remember that?

Good work.


I do not agree with [size=3]mac_andre I think, that armour is good as it is. [/size]


Model body final.


• Great modeling Udom, is looking very good! :thumbsup: no crit!


Wow awesome stuff man! Love your shapes! My only crit… maybe the torso seems a little long? Anyway, just my thought :slight_smile: Good luck!


Thank you very much.

keko mac_andre
createmai Swamps
visualact.com suk-grigorij
Mr Micro26

for Good comment and encouragements!:smiley:


ehi Udom, your hero is MY HERO!
i want! where i can buy?

good modeling… and character disegn
really good design on the armour

i love it! :smiley:



Man…i spilled my coffee all over…YIKES…U are my hero! :bounce:

Awesome work friend.