Spectacular 3D Entry: Ted Terranova


Working on lighting and some details. Made a few changes thanks to all the geat feedback I’ve been getting. Tried adding more guys in the foreground, but it seemed to pull the viewers eye down too much and detracted from the overall image. I threw in a bit for you to see. I’m planning to add some fireballs arching over the robots head and some smoke debris in post. Thanks again for all the crits.


Woooow Ted! :scream: That’s just tooo awesome! :eek:

Great (… well… AMAZING!) modeling! Also great texturing/shading and the lighting really gives the scene a very nice mood! :slight_smile:

I love the details and the really cool characters/soldiers you putted down there! :slight_smile: It really looks very epic! :buttrock:

Good luck to you! Your on the veeery right track! :slight_smile:


Gee, nice overall work, it’s very spectacular. Congrats man, you seem to be almost over with it. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: Will be back to see the final one!


Hey Novacaine,

Came across think thread kind off late. Would have liked to be here from the start!
I think this is the most spectacular image I’ve seen so far! Well done.
Aside from the modelling/texturing, it’s the idea that counts. And what an idea! :bounce:

I’ve read through the comments and I know you’ve said you’re finished modelling but something occured to me after following the transitions from your early posts. I think to add a feel of more movement, the admiral guys on the head of the robot would surely be holding on for dear life, gripping the railings. Especially because the robot has just punched the wall, the vibrations would shake the head some no?

Just my idea. Wonderful job. Can’t believe someone thought you were cheating earlier, when you can almost see the image put together piece by piece!

Great job! :applause:



One of the best threads here, continue like this it is excellent!
Nothing to crits sorry… I only prefer the bottom version with contact between machine and guards.
Anything else to say… oh yes one thing: Great work!:scream:


wow that very cool, like the tojan’s horse but more scary:thumbsup:


All I can say is that you rock! Cool image and mindblowingly fast execution.


Dutchman and thierry2005 - thanks guys your enthusiasm for the image is inspiring.

tonyg3d - I love the idea of the men having to hold on but these men are sailors and have their sea legs :slight_smile: You have really inspired me to animate this guy when it’s all done. Although when I’m done I just may take a break from 3D, at least on my spare time, since it’s what I do at work all day. :hmm:

funkyboss, melkao, gardogg - Thanks guys. It’s almost done!


Rendered it out at 3400 X 2763. It crashed the first time I tried when I ran out of memory so I turned off the motion blur. After 14 hours it is done :slight_smile: I’ll have to add the blur and all the rest in post.


Ted…the composition and texturing rocks! very original image…congrats!


odd scene

Nice job!


yo Ted, this has turned out to be quite freakin’ incredible!! I love it man :thumbsup: interesting, our pieces are kinda like cousins, very different, yet related. Best of luck to ya-


I think it’s done. Did a bit of post work on the final image. Added dust, smoke, glow to the furnace, extra bloom, some touchups, and some motion blur. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Looking forward to submitting the final.


This looks realy great,the textures looks exellant-Great work dude.


wow, it turnes out very cool :thumbsup:


Verry cool concept and image :thumbsup:

Good luck in your final steps :bounce:


Wow this is turning out to be a great piece, thanks for listening to my points!

Some feedback:
The glow to the furnace looks artificial, as it doesn’t light up the surfaces around it. I liked it better without, or maybe it could just be tweaked different. Also the color to the glow doesn’t feel right to me.

Anyway, you will have my vote for the final showdown.:wink:



Hey Ted,

The image is looking wonderful:cool: , you have done a great job here and good luck.


Hurry up man, and Good work so far… :lightbulb


:curious: :surprised :eek: W:eek::eek::eek:W !!!

I totally missed that work until now , and I have to admit that’s one of the most awesome work here !!
Completly fall from my chair… Stunning.

I just eagerly waiting for the final…congratulations already…! Geez :drool: !