Spectacular 3D Entry: Ted Terranova


Zongo, harryb, sonic, (o)ne - Thanks guys. Just gotta take it slow and steady and get this thing finished :slight_smile:

Climax - I love it. Maybe this guy could be the star of the Coors Light super bowl commercials.

authentic - I think you’re saying that I need more variety in the admiral types? If so, I totally agree. I might be able to get away with changing the hats on the other guys and maybe giving the main guy a cape? I’ll texture one first and then mix them up a bit more. That distinctive hat really makes the cloning obvious. Thanks for the crit.

Hoju - thanks. Adding the guys really made me like the image a lot more. I really like scale relatinships especially to make stuff look huge. Wouldn’t it be fun to travel around on this thing. I’ll have to do a sectional drawing through this guy showing the engine room, sleeping quarters, etc. :smiley:


Novacaine, this is one of my favourites images in this challenge, good luck with the textures, the most difficult step in the image i think


Great work! I really like how things are shaping up here. My only crit is that maybe the figures could use a little more variation or specificity.

One other idea that might be worth considering is it might be cool to have one spearman being knocked down where the big hand is knocking down the wall. Falling midair amonst the rubble perhaps? That could add a feeling of “holy smokes, this thing means business!”


I’ll have to do a sectional drawing through this guy showing the engine room, sleeping quarters, etc.

That would be very cool.:cool: The highlight on his left hand really draws your attention to the lower half of the picture, towards the men in the foreground. I like it a lot.


Great work Ted, i loved your scene, remember to me a bit James west, no?. Amazing work both with the textures and the modeling. You are comming very well, i will be waiting to see more. Congrats :applause:


How could I miss this! This is looking really great! Keep it up man. :thumbsup:


Still have to texture the guys. I brought the fog down a little so that the scene wouldn’t be so yellow. Anyone have thoughts on that? ilusiondigital, soapy, Hoju, denverbz ,cLos71, and everyone else, thanks for all the great feedback.
Probably won’t be posting till after Thanksgiving. Have a great holiday!


Oh yeah! -tear down this wall- he he

Comming together very well, excelent job.


this is looking awesome man… a jop well done


I really like the concept and design!
I think you should put more variation in the textures especially for the stone walls and the metalic “tank capsule” stuff of the Warmachine like scratches that reveal shining part underneath, you see?
Good luck! this is a really interesting entry.
keep it up!


This looks VERY cool man. I really like it alot. I’m looking forward to seeing that furnace looking thing on the robot’s chest giving off a fiery glow.


Hi. Good good job. I just love everything on your picture. :thumbsup:
Waiting to see the finalj pict.


Very good work:) It is promising:thumbsup:
Keep upthe good work nothing to crits now…
Goood luck


WOW! This’s amazing! Your work makes a great impression on me! Your sketch #3 is very great! I really like it! I have some remarks. In my view the size of bricks is too big. And one more, I would give up the cupolas. I think it would be great to put more warriors in there. But it’s only my opinion! Anyway I look forward to seeing this progress! Keep it up! Good luck! :slight_smile:


Interesting concept, that thing wich britains are “riding” looks really… strange :slight_smile: the textures and modeling are very delicate, nice job



Very cool pic, I really like the robot and its textures :thumbsup: and the falling blocks looks very good. One thing with the robot , the top railing parts don’t seem to fit with the rest of the robot as good as it could ,maybe less contrasting styles here.
Great job and good luck.


I really like how clean your render is, very nice.


Hey this is looking really good! Some suggestions for improvements:
A few more defenders placed in the foreground.
A defender falling from where the rocks are breaking.
Arrowheads/spears stuck in the big wooden container. Perhaps a few flying ones as well.
A bit more contrast overall in the image.
Motion blur on the falling rocks.
Steam/Smoke coming from various places like the pipes, cannons etc. Not too much though.
More difference between the metal and wood parts of the wooden container.(Brighter metal perhaps)
More dirt/roughness in the bricks.

Looking forward to seeing the finished piece, keep up the good work!



Wow!! That is just wonderful!:thumbsup:


3d-empire,Neeno, david.mig,funkyboss,Crying Horn, gwhite206, tuck - Thanks guys.

SILMAETH - I tried to mix up the textures a little more like you suggested. Thanks for the crit.

gardogg - man I was hoping no one would remember the glow :slight_smile: I’m not sure how I’m going to do it. Probably post in Photoshop if I can get that to look good. Any advice would be really cool.

Atris - Yeah, I feel like I could have done a much better job on the bricks and how they make up the castle. I did do some work on the textures and I think that helps a bit. Thanks for the crit.

mmoir - Good point. yeah the styles are very different. I kind of wanted that, so that there would be a very metal “form follows function” lower half and then the upper area, where the officers stand, is all wood and nice and fancy. In much the same way as the old sailing ships where the back of the ship where the captain lived had big windows and crazy carvings but the sides were all business. Thanks for the feedback.

Rivendale - man, great points. Can I just say I don’t have time to make any more changes :slight_smile:
-I tried more guys up front. I had a guy breaking his spear and all, but it drew the attention down to the front of the image. I showed it to my fiance and she agreed. It looked cool but I thought that it hurt the image overall.

  • I’ll try the guy falling if I have time :slight_smile:
  • Arrows in the thing is a cool idea. I was originally going to give the guys bows. Maybe I can quickly mix it up a little?
  • Motion Blur is in now.
  • I’m going to add the smoke and stuff in post I think
  • I added white paint to the wood areas. Good point.
  • Uggh, you’re right, I’m just too tired to do it :slight_smile: I should though.

Great feedback guys. Thanks for all the help. I’ll have something up really soon.