Spectacular 3D Entry: Ted Terranova


Working on getting the admiral/sailor type guys done for the robot and then I will be done with most of the modeling. I want him to be skinny with a big mustache, very Baron Munchausen :slight_smile: Then I just need to do some more detailing on the castle towers.


Oh, no! I saw this picture and I said: Oh, No!!! Another great image! Another spectacular idea made by an amazig technique and fantastic modeling skills! I really like it! This challenge is full of great pieces! Congrats!


Everyone, thanks for the feedback. I’m looking forward to working on the textures and lighting.

dvelasco - I love the idea of having the guy running from the hand or getting knocked over I just don’t know if I’ll have the time to pose him and stuff. To save time I modeled the spear guys in that pose. I did model it over a biped but it isn’t modeled with good joints and stuff for animation. It might be a wish item when I get to the end :slight_smile:

This looks really great. I’m amazed that you pulled off so much work in such a short time! I’m assuming you made all of these from scratch for this competition in accordance with the rules.

gardogg - Wow. I sort of don’t know how to respond to your post. I’ve been a member of these boards since 2002 and I’ve never had anyone call into question the integrity of my work. I guess I can just ask you to please look at the posts that I’ve made. I think it represents the progression of my work on this project. I would also say that I’ve worked really hard on this image and have been pacing myself as the remaining time allows me. I guess I’m just working as fast as I can.


I guess I just wanted to make sure that you were aware of the rule that everything must be made from scratch. You now are saying that you are aware of the rule and that you have made it all from scratch so I’ll drop it. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. I’m sure most people will agree with me that the amount of work you did in the past month is staggering, which is the only thing that gave me doubts. :thumbsup:

I also would like to mention that Medunecer originally thought he could use models he’d made for another project not knowing that this was against the rules. Someone pointed this out to him and he had to make new models. This is something that I thought could have been the case in your thread as well. I will believe your promise that you have followed the rules.


After reading some posts I realized that I haven’t been doing a great job of explaining my techniques and how I get the results I do on a more detailed level :slight_smile: Explaining how we do things, as artists, is what makes this site so cool and such a great resource. When I’m working on a still image I find it most important to know as much of what the final image will be and what is needed and what will be seen. I have found through experience that extra details or focusing too much energy on one element can really bog down the process. This image shows my process for making the spearman for my image. I knew that I wanted to make him quickly and economically and that he would not be the focus of my image so I used box modeling as well as a lot of splines to make him. Max has many ways to use splines like loft, renderable spline and lathe. Everyone is into box modeling but I find that combining all techniques to get the most bang for your buck can work really well :slight_smile:


I started this guy yesterday but went out last night so I finished him this morning. This guy will be copied a couple of times on the deck of the robot. Then I’ll push and pull the models to make them all look a little different. He’s pretty small in the final image so I think that he has enough detail. I spent a little too much time on his head probably but I had this cool ref image of some old british admiral and well you know how it is :slight_smile: Next I will positiont these guys, then finish off the castle. Should have a rendering up later today.


Ok, so I had to add the admiral to see what he would look like and I’m really digging him. He really gives a human scale to the war machine that I think was lacking. It also is starting to reinforce that man of war ship look that I was hoping to express.


really cool modellin’ and nice composition…very original!!good luck with the texturing!


Very interesting concept you’ve got there. I don’t know if you’ve been playing or inspired by this video game called “Shadow of the Colossus”. The game features very similar clockwork/ancient/industrial collossal giants tearing up buildings just like yours.

You’ve certainly improved the composition and the “spectacular” look of your image from begginning to what you’ve got right now. Keep it up, i’ll be looking forward to the finish. I hope you finish this off with some very crisp, detalied textures and a nice render.


Modeling is done! So now I’m playing with textures. I want to work out the metals and stuff first, then move onto the stone and fabrics. I’m also playing with the lighting to see how the textures and lighting will interact.


gardogg - glad you posted again. you really got me thinking about showing how I produced all this stuff so fast. I hope you get a chance to check out the images I uploaded. I thought they might help share some of the methods I use to model stuff. It’s all about sharing techniques and making cool art. :slight_smile:

Jaba, medunecer - thanks for the kind words.

Jinian - I beat Shadow of the collosus the saturday after it came out :slight_smile: What a beautiful game! I loved ICO and couldn’t wait to get this game. In my first post I actually name that game as the main inspiration for this image. I loved the idea of making a collosus type thing, but mechanical and with british naval types stearing it. It’s cool that you spotted the influence. I still have to go back and beat the time trials now :smiley:


Somehow I missed the admiral in the concept sketches, but now that he’s there things seem a lot more logical.:cool:


Good luck with texture. I would just wanna say : pnly pone character on robot like a dictator. Too much lower impression of vialin person.


• Hey! that barrel is an autenthic beer belly! :eek: The soldiers already have the sticks but i see no Jars to fill,:beer: the delievery guys are here! let’s the party beggins! but…wait a moment…they are destroying the city! rrrrrrrrruuuuuuuuun!
LOL, sorry, i am just making a bit of fun, excellent work! :thumbsup: i like the Robot-battle-machine, i just wonder why they didn’t come with this idea during the war days!
Outstanding work Ted, but hurry up texturing those guys, we’ve got only 15 days left!


wow, really really cool stuff!! great idea to put that sort of “admiral” type figure on the siege engine…


I like your idea.It is comming on very nicely.






Working on the textures some more. Render times are getting long.


keep it up :wip: I like it so far :slight_smile:


Just more texturing. I’m hoping to get a first pass done on the robot soon. Maybe a first pass on the entire scene by tomorrow. I’m also playing with the lighting.