Spectacular 3D Entry: Ted Terranova


wow, promizing picture ! :slight_smile: very nice work ! great point of view !


It’s really coming along. I think the furnace glows and smoke effects you show in your sketch are really going to lift this to a new level.
Great work.



I agree. I think the effects are really what will take it to a new level. After all effects are the most important thing in all aspects of art. Sometimes at work I have to make our art look cool by putting effects on them and it seems like this is a perfect example of how that holds true. Nice Work


very good idea…and modling…im waiting for the finnal


Pitty I haven’t seen this one before. Some realy fine idea in here. Modelling is impressive I can’t wait to see some textures. The fog level is good also. keep it up - cheers


this is gonna be great after all the bgnd and post effects 's been done , a++ goes for the modelling ( the details are awesome ).:applause:


Trying to get the modeling done so I can focus on FX and texturing and some lighting. I’m planning to get a lot done over Thanksgiving.


Dude, this is such an awesome concept. I remember sitting back for a few days trying to come up with something myself that I hoped would stand out among the other entries without losing track of the concept requirements. I think youve nailed it on the head with yours… its definitely believable and hands down unique as hell. I am absolutely in love with your image so far, even if its not complete. Awesome, awesome work. - J


authentic and alvin_cgi - Thanks for the encouragement guys.

ryan - Josh you always make me laugh :slight_smile: Now get to work on your turtle :smiley:

harryb,monsitj,sh@ke,monks - Thanks guys.

glenn23 - Yeah, I’m not sure yet how to light the entire scene. If I make it a night scene, then the glows of the furnace will be really dramatic, but I don’t want it to be too severe. I plan to iterate through a few different options and see how they compare.

metalspring,the_fgdf,shemosus - I hope to have some more progress this weekend. Thanks for the positive feedback.

mecha - thanks man. It’s funny how this image just came to me. I’m glad I did that first little post it sketch. I’ve lost so many ideas by not drawing them on paper :slight_smile:


that’s a very cool concept you’ve got! the composition really works well… I’m glad I found your thread…


Hem… great don’t know what to add know. Just waiting for colors…


:applause: Ted… wow that’s really spectacular and totally crazy idea. Thumbs up… nothing to crit but like authentic wrote… waiting for texture.


Ah, this is looking awesome. Great sense of weight. Waiting around for colours and lights.



i like that originallity mate … great job :thumbsup:


I love the way this has been turning out. Very ‘spectacular’
Great design on the mech and it really does look huge and mighty kicking arse like that. Should look ace once textured!
Keep it up!


What a fantastic idea!:drool: The modelling is great, the layout is great. This surely has to be the best I’ve seen so far. Well done.:applause:


Superb modeling! everything looks correct. Cant wait texturing and lighting. Goodluck!


This is starting to look really beautiful! I look forward to seeing the background and your color choices. The warriors in the foreground are really nice. It might make it more believable if the one on the right were responding to the hand that´s moving the rubble next to him… maybe, since his pose is already so good, move him to the side and add another one in a more free/scared pose where he stands?


Hey Ted.

Looking really nice. You should do some test materials so that you can start lighting your scene. Everything is coming along really well. Are you planning on doing explicit textures for everything or do you think you’re going to try to use procedurals? could save you some time. anyway…If you have the time I think it would be really cool if you could get some soldiers trying to climb up his arm on the right and maybe some other soldiers falling from the balcony on the left where is hand is tearing into the building. Keep it up. you have plenty of time to finish this up.


This looks really great. I’m amazed that you pulled off so much work in such a short time! I’m assuming you made all of these from scratch for this competition in accordance with the rules.