Spectacular 3D Entry: Ted Terranova


Killer cannons, I really like the progress:thumbsup: one thing bothering me though, the cannon door connected to the chain wont close right cause of the wheel thing connected to the cannon retracts, it looks like the wheel thing is connected to the door frame. other than that greet job and Keep Going!


interesting idea man, and nice camera angle :thumbsup:


Very surprise you’ve got so little replies. I love this robot. Very unique for me (or I didn’t no the referenece:scream:)
It’s just a perfect design. Very impatient to see colors and rendering.


This is a interesting interpretation of a robot dude.Almost a Wild Wild West type machine.


Cool design work on your siege-tower robot character. I like the combination of old fashioned architecture and machinery, it’s very interesting and original. Nice job on the modelling as well, the details in the hands and arm look great. Hope you have time to finish. Alexi.


P&P : Good eye. I was working on the model and the gears looked cool there so I worked them in, but now the door won’t close as you have said. I was kind of just letting it go and being lazy, but your spotting it is what makes this forum so cool. Now I can’t ignore it. I will either remove the wheels or make slits in the door to accomodate the wheels. Great feedback.

hhssuu : Thanks. Glad you like the angle.

authentic, SONIC-X : Glad you dig the design. It is inspired by Bristish Man of War ships, steamboy steam punk stuff and playing the game shadow of the colossus.

alexichabane : I do plan to finish. I have started these challenges before and not followed through, but this time I won’t make any excuses. I’m paceing things so that I should have enough time to really put some time into the textures and most importantly the lighting. I also have my fingers crossed :slight_smile: Thanks for the encouragement.


Wonderful modeling and design for that robot - very cool!
Good thing to here you’re going to finish this - it has all the signs of becoming really spectacular, keep going :thumbsup:


Hey Ted, thats coming along really nicely. Im really interested to see what you end up doing with the lighting and textures on the robot. Will he be like the sketch with flames pouring out of his portholes? and are the cannons going to be firing?

Nice work so far, stick with it no matter how busy you get.




hehe nice idea. Iron Giant meets Sinbad?


Ahhh, now this really is imaginative :slight_smile: really wonder what way you’ll go for texture and lighting.


interesting concept, so far looks good!


hi there Novacaine…

wow, this is really a nice character, congratulations, I like it very much… it is the first time I see your image, is coming along pretty nice…



Working on the defenders. Have most of the modeling done. I also wanted to position them to see what details were most important. In the final I’ll do some subtle changes to each guys pose. There will also be some rubble where the robots hand and body are hitting the wall. I’m also still playing with the camera position. Now just need to make the guys for the robot and finish off the castle. Thanks for all the feedback so far.


Detailing the castle wall and the robot. Pretty much done with that part. Now just need to focus on the castle towers and the crew of the robot. Also can’t forget the smokestacks and flag from the sketch. I threw in some fog just to give the image some depth and make me feel like I’m making some progress :slight_smile:


You have a great progress. Hope you’ll got time to make it really finished. Definitively one of my favorite picture. Nothing to crit.


Good details you have here!:slight_smile:


Wow Ted, thats looking really great…looks like you’re almost finished with the modeling. The scale is looking really cool. I cant wait to see this thing lit and textured its gonna be awesome.



I’m new to all this and looking through the entries, this really caught my eye! I kept thinking of chess and seeing each move played out as a cinematic. This totally rocks!

Great composition, even at this stage you get a sense of imposing danger! I can’t wait to see it with the smoke, atmosphere and castle crew.

BTW I have a model to show everyone. Any comments?


yeah! this is call " spectacular" with no doubt! , very good modeling work! :thumbsup::thumbsup:


looks great overall,i like the rendering jobs ,especially with those soft shadows~seems like gi render.:thumbsup: