Spectacular 3D Entry: Ted Terranova


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This idea popped into my head so I drew it out on a post it before i forgot it. There’ll be a huge mechanical giant/machine/robot climbing up the side of a castle. The castle will be housed with medieval magic guys with much less technology. It’s inspired by my playing Shadow of the Colossus as well as the game I’m working on called Rise of Legends which deals with tech vs. magic. I’ll probably do a more complete sketch then jump into the 3d.


More detailed sketch of the robot. Had some fun with it. Makes me think it’d be fun to do a 2D challenge.


Wow! Cool sketch! :scream: It reminds me a bit of… my own idea for the GSO-challenge…! :eek: :scream: Really cool to see that quite much people like the same ‘style of images’ (technology/big high-detail-stuff/high-detail-cities (Minas Tirith (LotR) for instance) :wink: ) and also make images out of that ‘taste of art’! Such things are just even more inspiring! :scream:

That idea of fire & light coming out of the belly will give the image a very dynamic touch, I’m sure…! A ‘blueish/cold tinted’ image, with in the middle a ‘reddish/warm tinded’ place gives really great possibilities for the mood! :slight_smile: Hopefully you’ll be able to do interesting things with the details and the effects - like smoke and fire…! :buttrock:

I’m really sure your final will turn out to be a veeery nice image - really one to which you can stare for hours and hours! I’ll be watching you! :wavey:

Have lots of fun & Tons of luck! :beer: ,


Nice concept, i like the Robot scetch. Good luck :thumbsup:


this is gonna be awsome man, i cant wait to see the model.
thanks for the feedback on my one. :thumbsup:


Hey Ted,

Thats a very nice sketch of the robot,:thumbsup: and I like the colors you used. Look forward to this in 3d and good luck with this.


Guys thanks for the feedback. Your works are inspiring me and driving me to keep working on this project. I’ll be sure to keep an eye on the competition :slight_smile:

I’ve worked out a massing in 3D to try and evaluate the scene as a whole. I’m happy with the camera angle and the size of the robot in relation to the building. Next step is to start working on the model of the robot.


This is a massing to help me judge the relationship of all the elements before I start modeling. I like to do this so that once I’m happy with it I can start the final models. It’s like a 3D sketch in that I can iterate really quickly and try new things out.

Now that I’m happy with this I can see that I won’t have to model the back of the robot at all saving me tons of work :slight_smile:


Just an update on the modeling. I’m starting to work on the robot. Just trying to get that old turn of the century boiler plate British colonialism feel.


Wow Ted! That’s really nice and clean modelling! Good to see that you’re getting a very nice style of modelling! That cleanness looks veery interesting in this kind of image! :cool: And the fact it looks like it’s gonna be looking like ‘the old pirateships’ (as your modelling shows of some of that style), is veeery original & creative! :arteest:

Hopefully I can see some updates soon… In fact: I can’t wait for them!! :beer:


Excellent :arteest:

Waiting more


Thanks for the feedback guys. Did some more modeling. I’m hoping to get most of it done this weekend. Then I can start in on the textures and lighting.


lookin good, I’m liking the wrist…:thumbsup:


Wow that’s reallly spectacualr. Love the angle and point of view. I will come back often to see updates.


Indeed, very cool. Getting a sort of post-futuristic Iron Giant kind of feel here, and it’s all good.



Dutchman-Thanks for your support from the start. I’m getting worried about time but I really want to be able to present a final image to you guys :slight_smile:

ilusiondigital, P&P, authentic - Thanks guys. I was going for a low very dramatic angle. I’ve been playing shadow of the colossus a game that uses low camera angles to really give a sense of size to the characters. I really wanted to capture that feel.

JamesMK-Thanks. That is just what I was hoping to capture. I didn’t want the same robot with a head and eyes. I wanted it to look functional but in a steam punk kind of way. I hope in the end that it feels almost like a bipedal man of war that is steam driven, with the crew running about on the deck.

Should have more stuff soon. Your encouragement keeps me working.


worked on some more details.


Almost done with the mech/tank/robot.


Almost done with the mech/tank/robot.