Spectacular 3D Entry: Stjepan Šejić


What an amazing work Stjepan, congratulations and good luck.


and finally it is done.this image depicths the last raid of the norse gods on the dawn of Ragnarok…ps they all die. i find their mythology to be epic and truly spectaculer…and this image was made with one thing in mind…man id like to see how that looked like and well i made my version hope yall like it it was a fun challenge and i wish the best of luck to everyone


Awesome work!

Dam:banghead: how is it possible that i missed this thread the whole time.:banghead::banghead:

Congratulations… your image is realy a great piece of art!
realy spectacular!



Hehehe coll theme. I love nordic mythlogy.
And your work leaves only happines and pride to vanhalla . hehehe

Exelent work !!


Hey Stjepan,

Great final image, the characters look excellent:thumbsup: :thumbsup: . I was looking forward to your bridge in the scene , I guess your plans changed. Anyways great job and good luck.


Hi! congratulation for finished it on time! you done very great image! good luck!


SPECTACULAR result for your final image Stjepan… incredible of work… incredible of art… incredible of skills… respect mate…

Your picture will be certainly at the top of the podium… CONGRATULATIONS and best wishes for the latest step of voting :thumbsup:


Congratulations… :bounce:

The picture is gorgeous , and I just love your style and I say it again , you’re hella fast :eek: :thumbsup:

Best of luck …


this one turned out just [color=cyan]spectacular… :bounce:[/color]


Hey Stjepan,

:bounce: Congratulations!!

[size=2]This scene is spectacular for sure, and full of fantasy! An amazing piece of art, my best wishes and good luck for the final voting![/size]


nebezial really great picture you’ve done :thumbsup: . Congratulations and very good luck for the judging :applause:


immortalx thanx man
Vedrica thanx man…air was buried with work so he didnt finish in time
jddog haha thanx man
claudio_jordao thanx luck to u too
vampeta thankyee:D
maurodelia heheim a huge nordinutcase
mmoir i know i was gonna place shattered bifrost…but when i tried it it crowded the composition…and i didnt want my work to be carried by models alone
monsitj thanx man
Lemog yo nut…we made it…and now…its time to get drunk lol
Zapan thanx man
makaron yaay i hit the titlee
daWinky thanx best luck to u too
thierry2005 thanx man best of luck to u too


wooow Stjepan :thumbsup: congratulations !!! :applause: a very impressive figure work… excellent !


Amazing final image Stjepan! Everything looks great, from the character poses to the lighting and the backgound painting. I especially like the hair effect on the horse and the human characters, it looks perfect. Best of luck in the next stage of the contest! Alexi.


Spectacular Dude, really:thumbsup: Congratulations for final image:applause: :applause: great job:bowdown: . All the best for final judging and see ya in the next challenge:beer:


ok man thats good to know…:thumbsup:

Stjepan Šejić…wow! is one of the most spectacular image on this challenge congratulations and thanks to let me se you!:eek:


good work :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


congrats on your 2 bombastic entries :slight_smile: best of luck mate, your 3d rox bad ass :smiley:


I did not know you did 3d, is there anything you dont do? :thumbsup: Looks Great! Good Luck in the judging!


Job well done dude, best of luck to you!:thumbsup: :thumbsup: