Spectacular 3D Entry: Stjepan Šejić


nebezial it looks amazing :smiley: and the background matte painting blends seamlessly with the renders :smiley:


This picture is very cool looking. I congratulate you. I would imagine that you will be able to do a lot of cool things to enhance your 3d scenes in photohsop because of your strong 2d foundation. Good luck!


By the way, if you read through the thread, you will find that he did post a tutorial which I now have saved on my hard drive. You should definitely check it out. There is a link to download it on this thread something (page 4 or 5 maybe?)


well here we go the final touches…time to wrap things up


this is extremely good!!
love the BG!!


Climax thanx man i cant balieve i made it
rattlesnake thanx
Lemog oy i guess well both make it in time eh:thumbsup:
Agamemnwn thanx the bg is a composite of 6 photos with alot of repaint
gardogg u know i was thinkin about that and im gonna make a tut about pimping a 3d work in ps some neat tricks to make it shine
rdxace thanx man…well im allnost done with this one and then off to finish the 2 d good luck to everyone


Hi nebezial

your modeling is superb, but there are a few things that would enhance the picture.
I would tighten the reins to be more rubber like on the horse so the grip looks stronger,
I would fade the birds more and blur their wing tips, creates movement. I feel the Thor
character with the hammer has a better facial expresion so I would bring him to the foreground, the woman I would put in the middle and tighten her grip on the sword,
fingers look weak. I would use a slightly brighter gloabl illumination on all 3 characters, Its only my opinion, overall you have done a great job and put in a huge amount of work Im sure, it shows…

good luck in the final!
Master ^ Servant


Excellent ! Nice job ! :thumbsup:


great work and composition!:thumbsup: love your work
Good luck till the end mate;)


Truely awesome work dude.


congrats, man and good luck!


Good job! I like it!
Expect for your final image.


patina thanx those are good advices ill follow some of them :thumbsup:
gpepper thanx man
funkyboss:D thankyee
SONIC-X thanx
sergioKomic heheh thanx
Dbeyond i should have it completed these days


very cool work neb’ specially that background rocks! i’m agree with patina 4 the fadin of the birds… there’s a horse under thor? it looks like he was ridin’… maybe open more the left hand…and it could be cool a fadin’ from the front to the back between the 3 characters but in any case theres a very good and dynamic job! congrats …and waitin for the final one!


Jucer sam se prijavio, danas sam vec skoro gotov… :slight_smile: Dao si si truda oko modeliranja. Nadam se da cemo osvojiti nesto. Gdje je Air? Njegov rad sam prije vidio, tvoj tek jucer. Pratio sam tvoj M&S 2d natjecaj.
Sretno i tebi.


yeah i’m agree?:shrug:.



job well done buddy brilliant work i vote for you


Just saying hallo, asking for AIR, guy who is also from Croatia, and wishing good luck to both of us… :slight_smile: Good luck to you allso. Sorry on missing text on english.


WOW I LOVE IT, love the colour composition and the detail, just alsome, best of luck


wow that’s totally crazy, like it ! Waiting for the final !