Spectacular 3D Entry: Stjepan Šejić


Nice background (not a surprise) but I don’t really see how it will be seens in te final image. Maybe I’ve not see the info…


What can I say ? maye…

…more ? textures… ? :beer: cool modeling for the environment mate… go !


Great modeller and love overall your fusion between 2d and 3d.

Go go go nebezial, and good luck mate.

PS: Congrats for your D&D prize :arteest:


stunning work!!cool concept.love all your characters and comp.the bg lokk great too.keep going.cheers.:buttrock: :thumbsup: :applause: :bounce:


Hey Stjepan, excellent 3d working! I like your models very much, especially six legs horse, very cool. I look foward to see it finished! Keep on rocking! :thumbsup:


Hi, you are my big inspiration sins i saw your work, but when are we going to see the next update from you.

the boxin looks good but i can’t wait to see some more(^_^)

my challenge entry


One day you just have to do tutorial how do you making those models so fast… theay really loking amazing! Waiting for the finale image - I know its gonna be blast :]


well this is just a test


well a little matte bg…still need to add those little houses


well…you let me without words!:thumbsup::eek:


here are laso those 2 ravens


beaqutifull, nebz!i love the atmosfhere, but are they going to stand in lines like that or there is more yet to come? cheers!:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
yind yoya!!:love:


:thumbsup: really nice job nebezial, cann’t wait to see more!


Looking great and it’s got ravens :smiley:
Waiting for the final touches.


Wow! I love the sky! so nice… and why that sward is so blue? it could be more like sky color + grey metal… this would balance colors.

Anyway great job!


well…allmost there


Lemog thanx mate
ilusiondigital thanx man allthough i didnt win anything on deathfall jury decided only on the 1st prize but they voted me third so i was really proud
xric7 thanx mate
rawwad well allmost done
Wytze heya i seee ur close to finishing also:D
OmeN2501 i actually madfe a short video…but the quality was crap…model was nice though lol
melkao hahah well im a bit surprised i made it
calisto yiiindiiić:bounce:
3dmiao thanx man
3dRaven lol…5 000 polys of ravens lol
Dodgeas3d thanx for the advice. the sky is a photocomp matte and the bg also…my first matte atempt


• Looking very very good Stiepan! Fantastic work here! everything is fantastic :thumbsup:


wow very impressive job man!!i agree with climax!


Incredible amount of work… just need to refine the mood for a complete integration… and all will be fantastic and spectacular… good way for the top 3… :thumbsup: