Spectacular 3D Entry: Stjepan Šejić


but, but, scary… :eek: that´s look like me… more golden hair soo, it´s me… haha

he hairflow is great… :bounce: that how my hairdo look when it´s windy outside :blush:


:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: Awesome, I’m speechless looks real cool:)


Glad to see you back in action good stuff so far, keep it up, and good luck nebz!:thumbsup:


again…model is of no i mportance…just tweaking the shader for the valkyrie


wow . fantastic textures and the hair is great. are u using SSS for the skin shader nebezial


Rebeccak lol thanx rebecca, the skin tomnes are just a sketch…i have waaytoo little memory space to play with it just now, im waiting thursdayto feel the sweet power of 1.25 gb humming inside my computer…till then…im mostly fiddling around with textures
makaron hahaha…oy u know…i have exactly the same guinea pig as ur spectacular work:D
madshooter thanx mate, for now im just testin stuff
beelow thanx man
Agamemnwn yes, but im considering some alternatives…well ill see when i get my memory


Just started and already lot of personality… yet a real valkyrie… I love that… more… more… more :bounce:

just take care to her mouth please :scream:


hahaha i actually have her face done, this is a spare … i just use it to fiddle with textures…and then i couldnt resist not making her bite her lip…so this wont be the valkyries expression:D


Great work on hair, it looks well. And the face is really nice, maybe lighting is not the best one for it, but it’s a good work !


thanx, though neither the lightnind nor the face will remain…this is justa test for shader


Lovely-looking Valkyrie you have there (terrific job with the skin texture); only elements that could be improved are the eyebrows (they look kinda “patched” in some areas) and the irises of the eyes (but you might’ve not gotten that far yet).

Really looking spectacular, nebezial. :thumbsup:


its been awhile neb~looks great buddy!was her left eyebrow been purposely made that way?would it be better if her lips color is alil softer/lighter?just a suggestion:)i’m looking forward to se the final product!


hey man, wow your thread is a nice art showcase, the modeling and texturing of your characters is very impressive:thumbsup:, ill be following this great thread:bounce:


ArtisticVisions yeah everything u see here is patched…this is not the expression ill be usin, just tryin the shader to see how it behaves the real face will be done in a few days
sh@ke oy michael haha yeah…but this is just a playface…and i was tryin stuff out i agree bout the lips
rattlesnake hahaha thanx…loved ur work mate


Stop explaining yourself,in way “this is just playface,it isn’t final,it will be better”
and simmilar,stop it,you are anoying me,just sit down and make it happen.

I had some issues with my 2 gb memory,so I had to return one to the seller,now I have
1 gb mem,and big chieftech tower and new PS.:slight_smile:

Ok,Im waiting for the real face now.
If it does not look atleest twice better then this one here,I’l stop believe in you.

rokaj stivo.


hey …you are excellent…you have learn pretty fast to work with the hair in max 8…congratilations:twisted:


A I R sir yessir…oh btw…i started texturin some stuff in zbrush…although i have some ideas i wanna try out,i like the possibilities alot…im finaly gettin my gb this thursday
melkao this is not max hair…this is just plain old texture slapped onto a plane


well my ram is on thursday…so till then…some bg works


hiya nebezial

cool work on the characters man! and interesting bg so far! :thumbsup::thumbsup:
cheers man!


nice castle:hmm: