Spectacular 3D Entry: Stjepan Šejić


Cool nebz, nice looking model, good luck with your new idea!:thumbsup:


mwahahah dont u people think im gettin lazy or sumthin heh, here is my work on thor, ill post a ton of updates on making and lil tips that i find to work nice, anyways no time now, ill reply tmorrow


Excellent work man…:thumbsup:


Each steps are always very impressive, and also, very interesting… :applause: more clap clap clap for you dude…


Great modelling dude.


3rd user thanx mate
gpepper, hehe glad u like it
momentum :smiley:
Lemog…clap clap…hahaha awesome man
adel3d thanx man
jddog thanx mate
Arc80 yo archie…i allready posted
melkao well herre it is
johnny3d thanx
THE CLYKE i know what u mean…at first i never even touched mental ray…but then again then i didnt know how to unwrap…but now that i do i decided to figure it out, mental ray is great but it requires a getting used to time with it, after that u re good
daWinky lol and to think i just slapped the texture on a cylinder
tuck thanx man u too
alfy hahha well once i figured out the logics of it all it is easy
Julez4001 well i made a short explanation
(o)ne thamnx man
beelow hehe thanx

well anyways as promised, here is the trick to hair…its simple…i use the same brushes i described in my fur tut, and the trick here is in applying the bump map as specular and glossyness andplaying with output, oh and there is a cool effect that happens when u apply self illumination map and activate final gather…did it also on thors antlers


nice anatomy !
Keepup the great work !


Thanks Stjepan… I must try that very soon… that appear very easy and efficient… good tips :thumbsup:


hey nebeziel,everything s cool to me,except the veins on the torso and the body,i dont think that ther are like that,a bit weird,by the way,excellent job on this!:thumbsup:


Great work and cool concept, yours models are really awsome, some of the better human anatomy i’ve seen for a while :-

keep it up hehe

and thx for the tips about the hair :thumbsup:


wow! Now that is amazingly spectacular so far… my congrats!

I can only say now that you could try to give more red to the skin colors… that would make them more live… but still, I love you work!
waiting for more:applause:


very nice anatomy, my only comment is that the chest vains look more like wrinkles than blood vessels.


Great expressions, great texturing, great techniques:thumbsup:


What now,where are the updates dude.

Was going on.

Dont stall.


well here is an update on thor, just puttin it all together for now tomoprrow ill finish the shader for the skin and the bump map is basically just a sketch for now, so ill edit the weird veins


That looks really cool. I would suggest that the muscle that is very defined above the knee be made less defined because his pants would not reveal that much definition underneath.


This is creat modelling ,nice update.


maurodelia thanx still needs tweaks, like the lovehandles and stuff lol
Lemog no prob, i just realised how useful the self illumination maps are…they are in a way the tool to design the light on a greater level
Madlight_1988 tell me about it, but the bump map is mostly a sketch for now, it will be tweaked
Goul thanx man, allthough thee are still many issues that i might fix today
arturro i know what u mean, but also he is illuminated with a bluish light for now…why?..beats me lol but u r right
SNoWs they do indeed hahaha
Maxter thanx man
A I R stall…me?..bwahahaha im painting the central choir inside a church…and wokin on spectacular…but ill make it…and maybe even 2d
gardogg thanx man u r right ill fix it
SONIC-X thanx


great skin and hair…you are a great modeler. and i try and try with the hair in max 8 but i can’t, i hate you for that, how you do that?:banghead::cry::sad:


Hey stiv’n,Your Thor guy looks little green man.try to remove this wax effect a bit.
Keep clean and sharp above all.
Seeya man.