Spectacular 3D Entry: Stjepan Šejić


shemosus thanx mate, still i have pleny more details in plan, and i must fix the stretching
visualact.com i know mate, i just applied it to occupy the space, im goin to tweak uvs as soon as the modelling is complete
Julez4001 the secret to my speed is my workflow, i box out the basic in max make a low level subdivision in zbrush and through the use of move command i work the mesh, and once im sattisfied i take it out to max for unwrapping, since i keep the mesh under 2500 polys it is easy to unwrap, then i subdivide once more and off to zbrush for some tweaks and its done
yunisirees thanx… still have lots of details in mind
Deankovitch thanx i intend to make a proper workflow tutorial soon…the speed is allways in the workflow
SONIC-X me too my friend, im waiting till next week to get me a full gb ofm ram…cause 256 that i have have been tortured quite enough
THE CLYKE tell me about it…but the difference in my motivation lies in the fact that i learned to unwrap a month ago, and learned to use mental ray renderer
AI-FOUR thanx same to u
authentic hehehe yeah u cant take away comic style from me haaha
Lemog the secret is in something i just realised a few days ago, apply a self ilumination map, so it appears as the hair has a translucency on the strands thet sorta drink the light
sergioKomic sergioo my main maaan…thanx :smiley:


Great concept Stjepan, your skills in 2d as well as 3d are amazing :smiley: i remember watching your M&S challenge in 2d and i think it will as good and better in the spectacular :smiley: Grear modelling and texturing. I ll be sure to follow this thread.


it’s very adapted to your style… congrats Stjepan :buttrock:


That’s one really nice looking visualization of Oddin. I like the pose too. :slight_smile:


The good character! Excellent modelling


You are pervert.

this bearded guy looks amazing stivo,honest,
the crown,his hands,beard,man,only,i’d change the armour,that one is like one level or two under the whole thing.

Keep it edgy and wedgy hahaha.


Agamemnwn thanx mate, allthough tmost of the textures are just placeholders, my philosophy here is…make it all and then tweak it all
Lemog hahha u noticed eh…yeah i ye became a hge light freak
DimitrisLiatsos thanx man, im tryin not to go too far with it
Sergey Banityuk thanx mate

A I R not just the armor the hair texture is stretching too, but ill model everything first and the with the time i have left ill be tweaking it all


wow…Very Cool, Outstanding…Keep em up pal:thumbsup:


Excellent stuff ! great !:thumbsup:


lookin sweet! love the style :smiley:


:eek: hoho ! amazing !


Bro, just want to drop by and say the Odin design ROCKS :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :buttrock:

me want to see the full composition mate. Post it…POST IT :bounce:


wow man . Thew hair is spectacular like the model…how you made that hair?


Man You Work Is Very Interesting And Impact Good


i find mental ray cool…but you have more control and less render time if you plan lighting and texturing and make a software render…mentle ray can give you some weird images if you don’t know how to ues it which you clearly know what the hell your doing dude.

and texturing…woe steller…keep going man

good luck


:eek: Your Odin is just amazing…and this hair is stunning:thumbsup: . Congrats!



Waouw, man i really like your style!!:smiley: Good job.


Wow man… you are really getting the hang of this 3D thing way too quick for my liking! Awesome work… can really see your style coming out now!


Can you explain how you did the hair?
Texture maps on Polys, if so can you show te texture (with a sample label on top of course.)


Very good hair and overall textures:thumbsup: