Spectacular 3D Entry: Stjepan Šejić


waaa its great!! i really like the wings!:thumbsup:


well im pretty happy with the upper arm…but the lower just didnt fit…so its baack to the rigging phase…woooeee


Hi Stjepan, great stuff here mate. I liked everything, model, anatomy, texture. Good work mate. keep going :thumbsup:


stivo,what up.

Hey,I like the armour,bit to kičeraja,bit,but it is ok,
but the girls hands are kinda not good.u are lecturing me about mesh continuity and
how to keep it clean,this hand has lot of weird wrinkles,soo,and its to strong,well,I hope you will spend some more time on it.

You missed the death fall D&D by the hair line.Next time,man,next time.
Atleest some of us here are not quiters(like me)

Ok,enough,I seeya arround you enthusiastic maniac.:slight_smile:


Wow, nice modelling and texturing work.Lots od details and superb posing.
I cant wait to see more from ya.:thumbsup:


alexichabane lol thanx mate, the feathers are just a simple planar map, but the trick is in applying a self illumination map
madshooter thanx man…im gettin real maxfriendly now…so im off to try out some new tricks
calisto thankyeeeee:love:
denverbz thanx man…still requires alot of tweaks
A I R hahhaa u got it man…trust me im tweakin more…these are just quick tests…and wrinkles are just a result of sketch modelling. now im into model and texture now tweak later philosophy, and i for one know u were busy…those beers couldnt drink themselves hahahaha, oh and trust me these arms have a real sweet mesh flow…ull see ps saw allosaur…this is gonna be sweet


is she playing a violin ? :stuck_out_tongue:


Very impressive surface work here! Some stretching here and there, but otherwise pretty much perfect. Will be looking forward to see all the new stuff arranged and so forth.



well just a quick hair test for odin


Excellent modelling/texturing…the pose is hunting…good luck.


wo wo wo very impresive men …welldone …the only crit is the metals texture is some how stretching badly …keep it up the good work:bounce: :bounce:


U r so fast, its scary…


hiya nebezial
very impressive and fast work here! full of vigor!:thumbsup: :thumbsup:
cheers man and keep the good work coming!


Amazing work, very detailed and expressive !!!
Nebezial you are a very fast worker !!! Congratulations.
Keep going.


Great work and progress.Waiting to see it all comming together.


wow looking awsome man…you’ve come a long way from MASTER AND SERVANTGOOD LUCK AND DON’T GIVE UP



it nice model i like it
good luck


You make so great character design; It’s interessant to see how your 3d work is so near of your 2d one (discover it with m&s).
Congratulations and good luck to assemble the final picture.


I’m always speechless front of your hairs Stjepan… but the rest is also very good… :scream: :thumbsup:


Man oh man! Great!

May the Allfather be with you Stjepan!