Spectacular 3D Entry: Stjepan Šejić


It’s already marvellous mate… as Monsit… I find fur a little bit too thick… but it’s very minor compared to this work… I like that Stjepan… great imagination for great skills… good melting pot :thumbsup:


Wow! Great design!
Keep up the fantastic work… I think it is going to be wonderful when you are complete.:thumbsup:


maaan…tried to render odin and sleipnir togther…looks cool…but not enough memory…waaah…ah weell next week…cant wait til then a rough out armor…texture is still stretchy


he have the expression that he will win an easy victory :thumbsup:


Stjepan hey cool progress and congratulations for your d&d prize.

Greetings friend and keep it the good work


that’s awsome:thumbsup:


Wow, nebezial! Great and fast modeling! And what a brave move, to change concept in the middle of the challenge! But I did not see a concept for this theme, are you going to post one? I agree the “apocalyptic bridge disaster” theme was getting a bit “crowded”.


that is cool man… keep it up :thumbsup:


This is really cool. Great Modeling on the armor.:thumbsup:



Very nice!

Only thing that jumped to my eye is the head armor piece for the warhorse. It looks massive, makes the horse’s head too big in porpotion i think. Theres too much “air” between the horse head itself and the edge of armor, if that makes any sense. Comparing from the picture without any armor and the next one with. Or maybe its just me =)

Anyways, very nice modelling and texturing!!

Absolutely class work!


Hey nebezial, your work is absolutely outstanding…:eek: i like the horse a lot and much more the armor:thumbsup:


That is realy cool modelling your doing - it looks great.


well finaly drew the concept sketch…a raid of gods


Great! But I think that you are running out of time!

FAST FAST GO!:thumbsup:


you win mate… I’m on the floor… that will be fantastic… sure :thumbsup:


well last night and today i ve mostly been turnin thet girl model i made for this contest into a valkyrie…and slappin on some textures…i cant resist that…ever since i figured out unwrapping…i became like a kid on a christmas morning…just gorra unwrap sumthin else hahaha


tuck thanx mate
makaron lol booy is he wrong…fenrir willl see to that
ilusiondigital…umm i never won a dnd prize…i was picked third by the jury and thet itself was a huge honor to me
3rd user tx
DrFx lol well concept is posetd
eddieellis thanx mate
detached i used the same way i model faces,its really fast
morphar i know what u mean…but i want to acchieve a behemoth like massiveness…anywayss ill tweak things once all is modelled
Maxter hehehe thanx
SONIC-X lol well once i figure out a way to make a proper video tut ill post a proper workflow tut
sergioKomic no worries mate…i was in an even greater squeeze at deathfall…but now im faster
Lemog oy stop exagerating…lol im honoured


Dude! Awesome design and modeling on your characters. The armour looks fantastic, both the modeling and the shader, great colour and detail. How did you do the wing on the valkyrie’s helmate? Is it a texture on a card or did you actually model the feathers? Either way, it looks cool. Keep up the good work. Alexi


I’m too late in your thread dude, JUst one word AWESOME:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: Promising concept and you have got very nice modeling and texturing skills, I respect your style Man:bowdown:

Waiting to see more:bounce: :bounce: and All the best Dude:thumbsup:


just sliced up the girls body and boxed out an armor…still sketchy…but i love how it makes a contrast with her…well anyways…i just realised i really shoulds post some grids…so ill make a lil compendium of wippin laters