Spectacular 3D Entry: Stjepan Šejić


Cool modelling dude.Looks interesting.


I love the fantasy scene you posted for the other contest u where working on…
I saw you decided to use a fantasy style for this contest now, the first concept and the modelling of the “bridge scene” where really spectacular, in my opinion of course :wink:
Good luck!


how do you achieve that shiny material together with the one less shiny,what what do you do,?
ROKAJ :thumbsup:


well spent most of theday modeling sleipnir and makin sketches for the composition…im workin on the charge of norse gods…anyways lots of modelling left on slaipnir, and this texture is just a placeholder,…im makin him to be a sort of a bull meets horse


umm specular map should do the trick…but u need a glossy ness map also…check the prior post…i basically made an universal bump map which i simply reused


I’l take the simple sphere and rape it with trying material tricks and flicks.
Need to study on this one.Looks cool.
It opens lot of possibilties.
Seeya man.


hehey,cool things goin on here! i loved that beast!:thumbsup:


excellent modeling ! this horse is incredible ! :thumbsup:


ohhh slaipnir… :love: I just love that horse… when we read this “stories” in shool, i didn´t care so much about Tor and Oden and the rest of the gang… I just want to read about slaipnir… haha…

like it… the only critc I have is that the ears looks a bit like a pigsear… otherwise he is on his way to looking good… :wip:


well an update on sleipnir…teextures will be reworked…as for now they are mostly placrholders…except the saddle. that stays


Andy H lol thanx mate…just gettin the hang of some options…and things are gettin fun
Arc80 yo mate ill htry not to dissapoint u i m makin the ragnarok charge…many gods lotsa work
makaron mwahahaha and the valkyries
authentic more to come
jmturbo thanx man…when i get my memory ill really go wild
SONIC-X thanx man
mad_aeon thanx man, i had some issues…with my early concept…i guess too many bridges in the contest…sooo…back to asgard i go
A I R rokay on
Madlight_1988 thankyee
gpepper, and about to get better
makaron im still workin on textures…im thinkin of using raytrace material with a lil translucency on the ears…but then again, i might drop a self illumination map


well made leg armors…much more to do


omg nebz…:drool: :drool: :drool:


Hehehe, just playing with you bro. I am an archiology dork. i do know a lot about myths and the ancient world. Anyway, can’t wait to see the whole composition and the ragnarok idea. Dude, that horse ROCKS. very nice interpretation and design :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

be back again bro.


welladded the headpeace…i hava a rather strange way of workin…i gotta texture stuff as i model lol


Interesting change of concept. I love norse myth. Not much to critique atm, keep it up:thumbsup: .


I was kinda suprised that you changed concepts, but I really like this new theme that you’re developing (maybe because I love Norse mythology :smiley: ). So far, I think you’ve nailed the look of Sleipnir (could give the Final Fantasy versions a run for their money).
All the best, nebezial. :slight_smile:


men spectacular good job!:thumbsup: luck with thy rest dude!


wow ! fast update dude! it’ seem you come back at full speed!
good job so far , some point i notice is horse fur is too thick ? so it make horse look small , try to lower down scale of each fur , good job !


I noticed that the back leg is too large compared to the front two leg sets. Nice work overall and I agree… that is weird to texture as you model! But at least you then don’t have to worry about finding time to texture at the very end (like me!) Oh well… Keep on pumping out the great work. You are like a machine!