Spectacular 3D Entry: Stjepan Šejić


Stjepan Šejić is entered in the “Spectacular Challenge” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Final Image: The final raid of Ragnarok


ah, so u do 3D too , Mr Skillz ?

sweet, rock’n’roll dude!



this will be very interesting!! I love your 2d work!


WELCOME! And let the games begin :slight_smile:


heheh thanx peopleSquibbit hehe well i was hobbying round it…but now that i learned to texture…well it might get interesting, but at the beggi nning ill take it slow cause i have to finish my deathfall entry…there shouldnt be any problems…i got me a nice and fast workflow…well anyways…this will be yet another great challenge:thumbsup:
anim_ziggy thanx mate, ill try to acchieve that level in my 3d…i hope hahaha
coCoKNIght its ooon:D


no 2d?

well lets hope u can complete a 3d one this time :rolleyes:

joke hehe.


Hi nebezial, and good luck… I’m interested to see where such fine traditional skills take you in 3d here…:curious:


hahahha, why i knew! 5d and u really wanna know it do u? :stuck_out_tongue: Best luck mate and go hotter than Ayvar, rock em all mate! Best luck and have loadsa fun!:bounce: :beer: :wip:


cool nebez…2D & 3D…

Undescribeable devotion into art!..

Did i missed ur first 3D art in this forum b4 ?


Yeeeha ,Nebz my mano…U’r in the 3d now…dont go basirk on us…
seeya pal_inho.


hehe, I want to see nebz 3d, can’t miss this one. Good luck:thumbsup:


well here ius a lil idea i m havinjg.it will be reworked but basically…it will be a scene with huge nephilim angels attecking the city…ill probably put in some people and some fighter planes flying…also the angle is succeptable to changes


nice man! that guys looks great,can’t wait to all the 3dness comes!


Nice so far, just hope you make the battle spectacular.


Huge Nephilim Angels attacking the city? Sounds alot like Evangelion. But if you can differentiate it enough, this should rawk judging by the kick arse ness of your initial concept.


Hey dude, im definetly liking the concept image, im gonna keep an eye on this.

Have fun and good luck.


Lookin foward to this, Your 2d Work is great. I love the sketch also. Good Luck in the challenge.


Great sketch, looking forward to see your progress.
Cheers 'n good luck!


Looking forward to your 3d stuff Nebz. Best of luck :thumbsup:

Gainax would be proud :D. The Angel looks really out of this world. You can almost feel it stomping towards the camera.


Nephilim, huh? Don’t you also mean “Grigori”? :smiley:

Wicked concept and sketch. Definately looking forward to see more. :slight_smile: