Spectacular 3D Entry: Stefan Gura


well done :applause: this image is so nice to the eyes… and it makes the viewer happy… :bounce:


Toto je silny obrazok! Vyzera to skvele.

Good luck to you!


Woooow Stefan! :scream: Very spectacular final! I really love the look of it: its humorous, but still it has very good lighting/shading and exactly the mood that fits with it! :slight_smile: I lóve the cartoony look you put into your characters! :slight_smile:

Now just lets hope you get the same opinion from the judges! :buttrock:Have a nice day! (and enjoy the fact you submitted it all very good in time! :wink: )


Hey Stefan… your final picture is incredible… amazing and funny…

CONGRATULATIONS for this Spectacular Spectacle… and best wishes for the final judging step :thumbsup:


Hi stefan, Your image is great, I love it, really funny, and the ambience you´ve created is very cool. Congrats for such a great work. This is one of my favourites for sure


So once again: “Ladies and gentlemans don’t be shy and come closer. U will see and hear something special, incredibile and I hope spectacularrrrrrr. Mr.Mousy will play moonlight serenada backward. “Supported” by our team: Hegy, Grok, Masa, Sasa, Vasija, the happy goat and some worker from middle Europe. Which woud like to thank U all.”

Finalus de Fin. Have a Fun. I’ve had it. Thanks all for Your support. My father said that he like it and that is gr8. So thanks once again.


congrats stefan! really unique beautiful funny image. love your style! good luck!


Great style! This is spectacular! greate humor! emotions, everything is super!


really nice, I love it!


jajajajaj is a very cool-funny final image congratulations:bowdown:


Thanks to all of U. To all of U witch like thous characters I am planing to do small animation with them. The design was made long before this contest for small personal project. I had to forget about it becouse of work and life. But for this contest I started from scratch /except rought design of monkey and trainer/. So after this picture I think I will wake up the deaths and try to make it. So may be we will meet once again. Hope it will be soon.
Some trobles with compositing are becouse I tried first time render to 32-bit *.exr and I did not know how to postproduct it. There are some artefacts on edges. I think becouse of wrong convertion to 8-bit space witch I tried to retuch in photoshop. I found it after I’ve had all renders done. I was afraid I will not manage it till time so I had to retuche it manualy. And if I knew that we will get so much extra time I woud done bigger renders. So it is as it is. See U next time.


Again, Great work !:thumbsup:


Excellent work mate!
And those characters are really lovely!!
Congrats and good luck for the judging step:thumbsup:


Thanks again. And good luck to every one. It was incredible fun to work on this. And a case of a “dream job”. Just unpaid. But man can not have everything :). See You in next challenge.:thumbsup:


hey man! a very funny and coolest image! :bounce:congratulations!:bounce: … goodluck!


I guess there are just to little cartoonic entries…
I just love this piece, your chars are great, unique style…
Very good job!
Best of luck to you! :thumbsup:


It`s a great and hilarous image you have done here Stefan :applause:

Good luck for the final vote :bounce:



You should win!


Very funny characters and great interaction!

Your image made me a happier person today. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck!


lol, great characters and I like your style and design, congratulations on the honourable mentions list :cool: