Spectacular 3D Entry: Stefan Gura


It really has turn out well this image, great work. It seems a little weird the integration of the (red yellow)plataform with the ground. Because of the lighting I gess.


Hey, congrats on a job well done. This has been one of my favorite entries from the begining of the challange, and I must say you pulled it off beautifully. The style is great, the comp is great, and its very original. Way to go.:thumbsup:



I really like your original style… great composition:thumbsup:


Hey Stefan! really well executed! different from the concept,but yet very cool! goodluck…:cool:


WOW!! Really good style. I love all the characters :applause:


Just test for the Moon. They are plaing Monnlight serenade so moon shoud be OK… And thanks all for they response. 32 days to go and 4 jobs to do. It is a hard time. Good hunt to all.


Maybe some low intensity lights on the floor around the ring could bring out some good stuff like the hedgehog.


Sleep tight little moon :slight_smile:


Vey Fun looking image…i really like it.
Keep going !:bounce::thumbsup:


I love it. The atmosphere is great, and the colors and … everything. Like it a lot, want to see it finsished :slight_smile:


Exellant scene dude.It realy looks great and just love the moon.


the moon is great, a concept very abstract, is like a children book…great job:thumbsup:


you’re doing great stefan- that’s a really nice and comical moon!


Rendering. Still no final. Just added kids and monkey. I did not worked on chalenge becouse of work so hope it will be OK.


I’ve had this one open in a tab for the past month, hoping that it would not just fade away… glad to see you’re alive :). Your image is looking just as great as always, the personality in each of your characters is way over-the-top, outstanding! Looking forward to seeing this finished :slight_smile:


good to see you back…hope you finish!


Ladys and gentlemans don’t be shy and come closer. U will see and hear something special, incredibile and I hope spectacularrrrrrr. Mr.Mousy will play moonlight serenada backward. “Supported” by our team: Hegy, Grok, Masa, Sasa, Vasija, the happy goat and some worker from middle Europe. Which woud like to thank U all. So this is the final. I hope. 4600x2288


Outstanding :)… it is extremely difficult to look at this image without smiling :slight_smile:



just last of milstones Texturing. It is nothing special. Lot of color’s subtile details are painted. Completly paint textured /Zbrush/ are just this two characters.


Congratulation stefan, you’ve done one of the most spectacular works of this challenge.
It’s unbelivebly funny… and I have nothing more to say then I wish you the best of luck.