Spectacular 3D Entry: Stefan Gura


looks so funny. really great chars and poses. keep it up… :thumbsup:


haha! Excellent - I really hope you will find the time to finish this :thumbsup:



Excellent!! I like the style, the pose, the modeling, really really cool!! :bounce:
Man, you must finish this challenge!! Really really cool!! :beer:

Keep it up! :wip:


Nice modeling update.I am shure that we all hope that you find the time to finish it:) .


Another one.I am on he road.Thanks.


Mwaahaahaa! :smiley: This is good stuff, Stefan!



you are a good animaltrainer… :applause: this is such a funny image…


Enviromental. Just it.


wow , your model and style is awesome! and layout come out very well! good job!


Very different but very splendid :thumbsup: cheers Stefan :bounce:


Great characters again stefan, :thumbsup: all you now need are some jugglers!:bounce: :scream:

Cant wait!


Test of light and color.


Beautiful lighting setup!
Good luck!


Very good test for a very pleasant picture… I can’t wait a very big final version of this creation :thumbsup: congrats mate…


Looking good! How about some weird looking crood? (drooling children angry parents etc…)


> Haahahaaaaaa…this is funny and most well executed…:thumbsup:

:bounce: amazing and houmorous stuff !


sergioKomic- I also have some crowd in mind. But nothing special may be repetitive and in shadows. But with big eyes and opened mouths.
For shading and surfaces of animals I am also doing some tests with fur. We will see. And of sorse thanks.


Great work man :thumbsup:

How did I messed up this thread??

Good luck to you, a bit of humor is welcome to this challenge full of death & destruction :smiley:


super cool progress I’ve missed!! brilliant and very consistent work. I love the expressions, and the scene is looking ,well, spectacular! you really have a great unique style! that croc rocks!!


jajajajajajajajajajaja…excellent work, very funny the concept and the composition:thumbsup: