Spectacular 3D Entry: Stefan Gura


I have changet donkey with a goat /meee meee/ becouse it looked allways as shreck’s donkey. Hope U like it.


haha mate thats really nice and good humor there!:slight_smile: … in style with rest!


That’s aweasome man, really made me chuckle. The car paint style texture isn’t something i’d have thought of but it works well, is it staying like that?


Hahahahaha… another one also funny as very glossy… :scream: hahaha… very good style Stefan :thumbsup: I already imagine an animation with these puppets… :bounce:


Hehe, shiny :smiley: Love the expression on his face, love your cartoon style :wink:


Love your characters, very stylized! :thumbsup:


Don’t know how I could have missed this absolutely hilarious thread until now!

Great style, no crits - lots of giggles :thumbsup:


Wow simply hilarious, great goat. All your characters are just to cool

Great work.


brilliant!! i love it.keep them coming!


:eek: speechless…This is looking so cute!! Great work also on the other characters:thumbsup: . Can’t wait to see more!:bounce:



Cool characters and really well done :thumbsup:

Good job :slight_smile:


Amazing style. I love it!


really really like it, more more more please!!!:thumbsup:


jajajaja…very funny progress…the cow is just killing me:thumbsup:


This last one is very very funny. Like it.
The shader is just too reflective for me. It makes it to brilliant.
I’m waiting for composition. Hurry up.


After long time another update. I have still a lot to do on this one /and also in work/. Hope I will finish this chalenge. Thanks for yours notes. words of all of U help me a lot. And sorry for my english.


That looks cool -I like your characters,keep it up.


Hahahaha… really good Stefan :thumbsup: very comfortable pose for the rabbit… :scream: haha


Just to say thet I also hope you’ll finish the challenge; because I see now that you also know how to do great posing.


lol great posing of characters ! rabbit look excellent to me ! love this mega smile ! :applause: