Spectacular 3D Entry: Stefan Gura


agree about style :thumbsup: maybe it’s the only work here about fun :bounce: waiting for updates


hahaha :applause:! always very good work here ! really like your style !


Very funny and full of character. :thumbsup: His teeth look a bit odd where they clench but this is a tiny crit.

Look forward to more…


Another update. Yes teeth are really bad. I will work on them for 72days 8 hours 38 minutes.


hehe, thats a good one! :thumbsup: reminds me of the major in nightmare before christmas. nice modeling!


crazy work stefan !!very nice & super original!!:thumbsup:


Love the violin player Stefan! You’re unique style is shining through more and more each step:thumbsup:




:bounce: man…u are tottaly Bubble NUTS…which is a good thing…hahahah…i am really enjoying your characters…weeeeee!


your characters can bring most serious man of the world rolling on the floor, laughing:] will be watching.


Great character design, and a nice idea. Very funny.
Although, as I can see from the concept sketch, the picture lacks suspense. Maybe you should shoot at a low angle, with 28mm or less… I read someone mentioning “The nightmare before Christmass”… Maybe you should bring in more of those bizarre Burton details… not in the characters(they’re great), but in the entire scene, generally…

Keep up the good work!


Oh man, your models are so unique… I like it very very much. Excellent.


I love these characters! One thing is throwing it off for me though. The Bears with the yellow bellys. Bears are haired evenly all over. The yellow bellys are distracting.

Great, Great stuff though!


Crud! Double post. Sorry forum so slow tonight :smiley:


what a luckless rabbit! :thumbsup:i like your idea! good luck!


Seams like you have a nack for modelling these type of characters.Nice going and keep it up.


This style reminds me lovely illustrations from my childhood bookshelf :slight_smile: And your idea is really funny and promissing.
Good luck challenger!



hi stefan- superfantastic cartoon style you have there- I love it! very unique and consistent. I’ll look forward very much to updates. fantastic expressions.


how cool is that! I haven’t been able to check in on everyone’s entry’s and I must have missed yours. I’m totally digging on the style of the characters. Some minor influence of tim burton in there and a hint of where the wild things are. I like it. Bravo!


Wonderfull character concept! a kind different fo what we usually see, congratulations for your creativity!



jajaqjaja very cool…i like a lot, i want to see more of that:eek: