Spectacular 3D Entry: Stefan Gura


hi stefan
cool and funny concept! u’ve got style man! those are cool characters!:thumbsup:
cheers! and keep going!


That is going to be sooooo FUNNY…:bounce: …i like both of them so far …:thumbsup:
Really nothing more to say so far…keep going.


hey thats very nice, i like a lot the models:scream:


Very cool and funny characters…this is really a spectacular concept.


man this si simply wonderful :scream: love your figures ! :applause:


hahaha, hilarious concept!! :bounce:

I like it a lot, original and spectacular, llike the sketch too, and love the modeling characters, original and funny style!! :thumbsup:

Keep it going! :beer:


Yes. A very rich set of characters. Can’t wait!


Give props to the character styles. I can’t wait to see the rest. Keep it up.


• Wahahaha, That coco is really cool! the concept looks great, I already want to see the final image :thumbsup:


So another one. Not complet character design. But I am pritty happy with bears look. It shoud be bear. Good hunt to all and thanks.


really like your designs ! great job, one of my favorite thread ! :thumbsup: Good luck !

waiting for your next picture !


oh dude i love your models! Soooo cute:love:
I want to see more!!
I ll follow your thread with attention:D

Good work keep up!




they look so funny…keep going mate…

wait for updates


Crazy as ever Stephan:thumbsup:
Keep em coming!


Whoaaah , the bears are fantastic :thumbsup:


Your characters are looking great.Nice going dude.


that hilariouse man! the bears look verrryy cool! nice expressions on them!


Koncept for trainer. Design based on my old charracter /never ended movie Mr.BOBO./


lol very great style of character ! love the hat !


great design as usual. MAybe is the nose a little flat.;. But it’s cool.