Spectacular 3D Entry: Stanislaw Marek


cool job dynamic scene




congrats… this is really a masterpiece… you got my vote for sure!!!


So full of energy, incredible details, just wonderful man:applause: Congrats on a stunning piece!!:thumbsup: :bounce:

Good luck for the judging!


What to say…
pelen szacuneczek… na prawde great:)


Wow - your final turned out just amazing! Good luck with the jury and good luck with the awaited baby :thumbsup: :slight_smile:


wow masterpieces work:applause: :thumbsup:
Congrats for the final !
Good luck!!!


Thats a fine piece of work, outstanding compostion and details in this one, congrats man :thumbsup:
Best luck mate :slight_smile:


The power of nature is presented the way I can feel pain of both participants of the duel. It is not fantasy it looks like real fight and passion. It looks like baroque paintings:applause:


I love that passion of both participants of this duel. Nature at its best. Your work looks like baroque paintings in case of dynamics but much more realistic. It could be good to have on the wall in proper ! size.


Thx Premek you are the man. Big thx for help with the story!


Hi! Your work astounds by its realism! That makes a powerful impression on me. Really great job! Congratulations on your final image! I wish you good luck in the next stage! :slight_smile:


Gratz Stachu. I knew you can do it.



but i believe i could make it better :slight_smile:


This is simply amazing, I have to give you admiration for a very well executed concept, and although its busy I really enjoy the composition.

One thing thats most definitely lacking at this point, is a sense of real space though.
Everything, lighting/texture wise seems to be too bland.

I think if you work on bringing out darker darks and better dark-midtown-highlight ratios, this piece will really come alive. At this point it kind of all seems too blurry and light.


thats true.
i have made many technical mistakes.
i was tired, even before picture was better than finalimage in some ways.
lightening and contrast and perspective are the worse side of my illustration.

Background. In the left uper side of composition i want to show the hope and something positive in this horrible situation!:slight_smile: he must survive! He remember his home.

The foreground. I want to show the tension and dark side of this place. He is almost closed in the cage… nature want to keep him and eat! Its not a fantasy - the junge is dangerous place – nature killer instinct not sleep. :slight_smile:


Wow super good work. Congratulations on a strong finish. Good luck!


I see Stachu, that there are people that look at your work with serious , technical criticism. That can give a lot of help for future. Any way its still the best picture.


Staszek, Gratulacje !

Nice modeling great textures and very expressive moviments.
Good luck I hope you win some of the prizes.


nice job
kiedy beda wyniki - wiesz może???
thx for opinion on my forum


Staaaary - swieeetna praca - masakrycznie mi sie podoba :smiley: Jak dla mnie zdecydowanie jestes na podium