Spectacular 3D Entry: Stanislaw Marek


big thx :slight_smile:


the aligator are amazing ! Excelent texture !


THIS definetely looks spectacular!

Congrats for finishing and good luck, dude!




Spectacular image!:thumbsup: Good luck to you!


Impressive work. Good luck for judging.


I had to register to say that:



Excellent job, Stachu!!! I see huge piece of really hard work. Texturing & modelling are great, like always. There are so many details which we found zooming the picture… i like it :wink: Very dynamic composition and interesting color palette.
Only really great artists can freeze dynamic motion, feelings and atmosphere in once …and You did it :slight_smile: I feel threat of that place and determination of the soldier in his survival fight.
This is the most spectacular scen i ever seen. This is for sure the first prize.


You did it Stachu! Congratulations! I like that scene very much, especially the soldier’s face. Looks very realistic for me. Good luck with judges! I hope You win! :slight_smile:


amazing great !


Ok Staszek, I’m gonna cry now.
In fact, I’m gonna jump off the first brigde I see.
My God… I… I… man… what have you done? You’ve completely ruin my career.
I’m not gonna tell you how good your work is and things like that… no… I won’t… no… live me alone… I’m gonna leave now… I’m crying… and I’m leaving.
Just one more thing: You have my vote, but I hate you.


Hey Man that is so much better with less water… its looking awsome dude :bowdown:


Wow great job Staszek, its very spectacular image,excelent modeling and details, very

tableau, realy very very good. Action, so many details, tension all thats makes that history

is so interesting.
Pozdrwienia z Krakowa Stachu :slight_smile: Obraz naprawde super !! Good Luck !


Another WOW!


thx all! i have a big problem on 100% of upload final image i had error… i have to upload from beginning…


Oh wow, how did I not see this entry? Amazing! So much detail. Just wow. Nice work!


That’s a kick arse alligator dude! and a very nice render…well done.



Very good image! I like a lot the illustration look.
Congratulation and good luck!


Dam… :banghead:I totaly missed this thread:banghead::banghead:

The end result of all your work ist just Awesome!

:beer: Alex


just a [color=lime]spectacular image… :applause: [/color]
and a good story to it…


This has the goodness, very impressive image, best of luck to you!:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: