Spectacular 3D Entry: Stanislaw Marek


Staszek, that’s awesome :applause:



Very impressive image, the character is very well done:thumbsup: :thumbsup: . I find it a little to busy to see things cleary but the struggle in the image is portrayed well . Good job and good luck.


I’m used to high quality of Staszek’s work, he’s such talented artist. This one is no exception. Crocodile for the win! :slight_smile:

Good luck, mate!

Srogi pokaz talentu i umiejetnosci, wygrasz to, chlopaku! :stuck_out_tongue:


Great job so far Stan!!
Narazie nie ma co krytykować i oby tak pozostało Powodzenia!


Wow, I am just shocked, to see this image! you may want to lessen the water your focus gets kinda lost with all of them elements going on it this guy wrestling a crock. Cool stuff! Hope to see this one finished!:thumbsup:


WHAT? holy S$##$, wtf !thats wrong:scream:
thats hmm…STUNNING:scream::eek:


OH DAM…i left rendering of water for night and i wake up and its rendered only 20% of image…dam i have to render this with minimum quality… it is too bad - i have to hurry up


Wow, last pict is just awsome. :thumbsup:
I hope you will have enough time to finish it how you want :slight_smile:


stass! great work !! there’s maybe too much information everywhere maybe too much water…the expression on that guy is really good!! also the croc’ on the background but the sky looks too saturated… in any case ther’s a really spectacular accion! you almost finish …go!!:beer:


te textuire of the alligator is very good
but the wather hide the scene… use less wather… (can be better) :slight_smile:

  •         error          -


almost 100% zoom (but the quality of this jpg is low)


sorry …2 before was old images…
almost 100% zoom (but the quality of this jpg is low)


almost 100% zoom (but the quality of this jpg is low)


almost 100% zoom (but the quality of this jpg is low)


almost 100% zoom (but the quality of this jpg is low)

its final image shots


for the las minutes i was work on this very hard…

i was work on it about 3 weeks - because i had to work on trial version of max and z brush.
i wish i could use full xsi for water ( normaly im work in xsi foundain)

I had lot of time for thinking about history and details and emotions what i want to show. I spend whole days for studing crocodile anatomy, waching animal movies, how the water is behave in situations like this.

i hope you like it.


I have never thought that I , as a human being, could explode with such a unbelievable, spectacular power. I am very simple man, so I will tell it simple words. Some years ago I had to run away from my sweet Scotland and hide in Africa. That was tough time for brave people. European armies were fighting against each other to still from primitive Africans their lands.
I joined La Légion étrangère. You could find there worst jailbirds from entire Europe. No fear, no mercy, that was our philosophy, simple but enough to survive. We had to fight against English, German, Spanish and Dutch armies, but danger were hidden everywhere. Scorpios, snakes, wild cats and local , black cruel warriors.
It was December, last month I had a contact with civilisation of white people. We were preparing ourselves to the next battle against German army. We had some Africans in our troops. They used to guide us across a jungle. We were walking during dark night to surround enemies camp and suddenly first shots from nowhere killed tens of our soldiers. It was a trap. We tried to defend but it was to late. I was injured and lost consciousness. I remember that Germans appear to check if all of us are killed. And than the darkness change into the day. Arrows carrying a fire killed Germans. Nobody should trust Africans during those times.
I am not aware how many days I laid there. When I woke up, I were naked. Everything around were terribly stinking. I run away from this hell before hyena from voracious pod ate my body. I were hunting for small insects to survive. Next day I found dead body of other legionary and took his clothes.
I am not aware how many weeks I spent there, in the jungle. Walking like a blind , trying to find somebody who could help me to come back to civilisation . Most of my time in jungle I had to be concentrated on watching all, living creatures. Like a judge I divided them into two groups. First one consist of those, that I could easily change into
the food, whatever it means. Next group is an organisation of killers that
would like to eat me.
I went east. One day I reached a river and decided to swim across. I went of water and realize how lucky I were. River were full of crocodiles. It was strange all them were just watching me, like they were waiting for something, for some kind of sign from someone. But from whom? This answer appear immediately, together with a huge crocodile that moved out from bushes. All sounds of jungle just disappeared. Not even one bird were enough brave to sing. Total silence. I could here only sounds of little waves on the
river, wives that were caused by tens of hungry crocodiles. I met most dangerous king of crocodiles. I have heard about him before.
I thought that is again the end. Alone in wild jungle surrounded by crocodiles.
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. And than those bushes started to shake.
That was like another light of hope that flashed in the dark of black scenario.
Silent warriors of Kukurbba tribe step on crocodiles land. I thought that I was safe, but than I realize that this tribe hate white skin soldiers. The one with a sword, tall black warrior ask me if I want to die before or after crocodile. What could I say. I said that I would like to fight against crocodile. And that the winner of this duel should be set free.
Kukurbba warriors were discussing but finally agreed. I moved and the crocodile started to run. I were following him till it jumped to the small lake. Than I realise my self that I am armless. Warriors took place around the lake like audience in ancient colloseum waiting for blood. The crocodile turn to me and looked at me the way someone hungry is looking at the food on a plate, that was brought by lazy waiter.
Any way I had no choice. I shouted „No fear, no mercy” and jumped into the lake. Crocodile opened its mouth and moved to me. But it was too late for him. I received for this moment spectacular, huge power. I jumped on crocodile back and strike my fingers in to its hard skin. I pulled and took apart huge piece of its skin.
Crocodile turned its body up site down and pressed me to a bottom of the lake. I could not breathe. I thought this is the end. Once more I discover in me those unbelievable power and again strike my hand into crocodiles body. My fingers touched its heart. So I squeezed them and pulled. I had its heart in my right hand.
That was my most spectacular battle in my entire live, my friends.


Finally you did it Staszek, well done! :slight_smile:

Now you’ve got to survive the voting :wink: Good luck, fingers crossed!


OH man, you have my vote and utmost respect.this is brutal:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek: