Spectacular 3D Entry: Stanislaw Marek


• Wonderfull modeling and texturing, many artist entered the challenge in this last days to blast, but i guess it is also strategy :slight_smile: keep it up pal, it promises a great final image!


thank you all.

its shame but i was just worry that sombody can make slimar crocodille or scene etc… it wasnt tactics move :slight_smile:

Yes i was use z brush but not for final details…its too many pollygons. most of details i was made on the textures.

but the finish its very far for me … day and night work(fun):slight_smile:


i have to render it with default renderer, no raytrace, no global illumination, no mentalray, my comp cannot stand it… shame :frowning:


i was use most of 1-2 spot lights with couple omni for feake better light effect


couple funny layers for better colors and contrast and integration of elemnts


first plan render


second plan renders1


3rd plan rendering


exited little boy - good position for obserwation


You are a Freaking texturegod man:drool:

i am simply stunned by your beautiful textures
and the models are exellent as well:thumbsup:

can’t wait to see the Final

Spectacular 3d


chracters in the trees - hide and wach


legion etrangere


water splash!!!


its not what i expect but i just can make it better in 2 days… i dindt sleep 3 last days - working on this…rendering, fatal errors :)etc… - i just have to finish this.

Most important to me is the emotions of the characters in the scene - i hope i made it!


the final image will be in 2000x3000 px resolution. story is not finished because i dont have talent to write especially in english:) so i ask my friend Przemyslaw Radziszewski to help me out. :slight_smile: biiig thx Przemek


just… I.M.P.R.E.S.S.I.V.E! :bowdown: great picture!


i just have to render the refractions :slight_smile:


its awsome mate, but i don think there is alittle too much water, it kindda distracts you from what is going on and all that lovely detail


that true! i just wake up and now i see how many mistakes i have made - water i 1st what i have to work with. composition on right side needs more work to.


why not try reduceing the water and using a DOF shot