Spectacular 3D Entry: Sophie Navas


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So it is my first entry for a challenge :slight_smile: I hope I’ll be able to do the picture I have in my mind. This sketch shows a woman whose powers have spectacular effets.
hum… I know that it isn’t a very original presentation, I’ve written a text of presentation, but I will tka some more time to translate it corecctly.
Concerning the concept sketch, I’ll probably work on the composition, which doesn’t satisfy me…
C&C are welcome of course :wink:




i like the idea… good luck… it looks like u’ll get really good at modeling cars…


welcome to the challenge, probably have the same thing going in the concept, just change the angle and, exaggerate the pose, make her, powerful! Will check back, Lata!:thumbsup:


Yeah I’d have an POV at an angle looking up from the ground, with the character looking into the distance, oblivious to her power. Good luck with the challenge.


This will be great if you finish it. Modeling enought cars will be a hard job. I once started a image with cars. I did about 5 cars and a semi-trailer. The i had enought of modeling cars. The underneath of cars is very interesting also to texture the dirt build up. Have fun if need advise on cars ask. http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?postid=2629320#post2629320


Thank you for all your encouragements ! I’m still daunted to post my work in this forum, but I know it would be a great challenge !

However I have some urban props I can re-use, not a lot but while I am drawing, I’m not thinking about props I have or I don’t have. I can reduce the number of elements in the scene if necessary. For instance, while I’m writing, I think that there won’t be so much cars in the airs…

Making this challenge will undoubtedly make me improve my skills in modelling and texturing, that’s not so bad. :wink:


Just make alot of debri and use partical flow to chuck it around.


I began to model the young girl’s face. I was insired by one or two photographs, and some of my sketches that I’ll post later (I don’t have a scanner here).


This picture is better. I am not satisfied by the mouth and I have not really detailled the eyes, but I wanted to post today’s work.


I’ve began to model the woman. there are still some defaults in the neck, and the chin is too large, but I’ll continue to work on this model this evening.


I’ve continued the modeling of the woman, as fast as possible. Hands are missing, but I’m finising to model them, and I’ll merge them later.


I’ve modelled hands this morning - I know there are still some mistakes in it, but I wonder if it’s worth spending more time on it, because I don’t know if they will really be seen in the scene.


Woman with hands and ears welded. It lacks hairs of course, and clothes.


Here is the woman head wireframe ; I’ve began to change her expression. She must have a sort of ferocious expression while using her powers and destructing all around her.


I’ve made teeth and tongue, very simple mesh. I’ve made the top too, some poly I duplicated from the body, then they were modified ; I eventually used modifier clothfx to make it close to the body. I’m rather satisfied, in a global way, but there is a bug on the right suspender, and in some parts, the top doesn’t fit very well to the body.


Looks promising :thumbsup:


Great expression in that face - good modeling :thumbsup:


Thank you ! I do my best to make a nice picture.

Thanks!:smiley: It’s quite difficult for me because it’s the first realistic character I model. I’m rather proud of it - glad to see you like it too.

Today, I’m unwrapping UVs, and I may texture face in the day.