Spectacular 3D Entry: Sergey Skachkov


Nice concept!


Bobber, (o)ne, denverbz, Big D, Hoju, Steampunk, d velasco!
Thank you very much to all of you!! I was glad to hear your comments! :slight_smile:

suk-grigorij! Thanks a lot. I didn’t get the result I think up for a while. But the forest will be definitely! :slight_smile:

allocer! Thanks a lot too. It’s Photoshop.

Anton Valiev! Thank you. I suppose that an action isn’t the indispensable condition of the challenge. A мощное и волнующее впечатление должен производить сам город на участников экспедиции и зрителя! :slight_smile:


Very nice concept! Good luck in transforming it to 3D!


The idea is just great!! This is a post I’ll follow


Gunilla, Weider!

Thanks a lot. I’m glad you like it!


Good concept.

looks like it will make a nice and spectacular image in the end,…:thumbsup:


Отличный скетч , ждемс моделинга :slight_smile:


best concept here…
good luck :smiley:



Wow! Amazing sketch!:thumbsup: And two WIPs… U crazy man!!:bounce: Good luck! :scream:


композиция хорошая,



3d-empire, Max 234666 cccp, Playmobil, Ultemate, Beton2!

Thank you very much! I hope, that I’ll find time to finish these works!


This is a sketch of one building. It seems to me that it isn’t a final solution. I’m in search of necessary forms for a while.


This is a schematic placing of objects and their functional purpose.


good constructive work,.

tree tower looks good,.
is the treetower sketch to be the administrative, religious buildings or thge reletivlt small collapsed tovers?


Hi Danny!
Thank you for your commentary! The tree tower is a residential building. There are many inhabited rooms (destroyed slightly) in the crown. And there are many rooms of consumer services and communications in the trunk.


Cant wait to see this “tree” in 3d. :slight_smile:


Ultemate! I have started to model it already! And I’m going to update soon.


Hi. nice shoot. looks great. i like it . good luck…:thumbsup:


the building design is really great!


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