Spectacular 3D Entry: Sergey Skachkov


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Latest Update: Concept Sketch: schematic placing


This’s my idea.
It is rumored for a long time that there exists a deserted Forest City. Many expeditions set out to look for that city. And finally fortune smiled to one of them. They did it! They found The Forest City!


Great concept!!! I can’t wait for 3d!!!:thumbsup:


best wishes :cool:


Nice concept man. Good luck :thumbsup:


Your concept looks like promising. I like the colour setup, the basic composition and the atmosphere. Keep it up!


I like the colours you have used, and look forward to seeing those streaming shafts of light in 3d!


Cool Idea and sketch, but the city is doesn’t look much of a FOREST to me.


Perfect colorized sketch! :applause: In what program you doing this? Painter or Photoshop?


I like this atmosphere:scream: cooool ~~


Good scetch, but where is action in this work ?


Nice concept!


Bobber, (o)ne, denverbz, Big D, Hoju, Steampunk, d velasco!
Thank you very much to all of you!! I was glad to hear your comments! :slight_smile:

suk-grigorij! Thanks a lot. I didn’t get the result I think up for a while. But the forest will be definitely! :slight_smile:

allocer! Thanks a lot too. It’s Photoshop.

Anton Valiev! Thank you. I suppose that an action isn’t the indispensable condition of the challenge. A мощное и волнующее впечатление должен производить сам город на участников экспедиции и зрителя! :slight_smile:


Very nice concept! Good luck in transforming it to 3D!


The idea is just great!! This is a post I’ll follow


Gunilla, Weider!

Thanks a lot. I’m glad you like it!


Good concept.

looks like it will make a nice and spectacular image in the end,…:thumbsup:


Отличный скетч , ждемс моделинга :slight_smile:


best concept here…
good luck :smiley:



Wow! Amazing sketch!:thumbsup: And two WIPs… U crazy man!!:bounce: Good luck! :scream: