Spectacular 3D Entry: Sabrina Bott


Frohe Weihnachteb Sabrina.
Ich hofffe du hast jede menge Geschnenke, liebe und Glück bekommen! :wink:

Viele Grüße und noch ein schönes Weihnachtsfest :wavey::arteest::beer:



@ Rebeccak: Hi Rebecca, thank you for visiting me here and for your nice words:bowdown:
See you in one of your great threads - for serious working of course…:smiley: !

@ Agamemnwn: Hi Jannis! Hope you had some nice days too!:slight_smile:

@ bne[/b]: Hi Stepan! Thank’s a lot and I hope you had a great time too!
Have you seen some present-delivery-balloons this year?..:slight_smile:

@ vampeta: Hey Alex! All of this was under the Christmas tree, thank you!
Ich hoffe Du hattest auch schöne Weihnachten und ich wünsche Dir jetzt schon mal einen Guten Rutsch
und alles Liebe für das Neue Jahr! See you:wavey:



hey, psssst…

happy new year!



:wavey:Happy New Year!!



Hiya Sabrina,

Is Flossy going on a journey as well?



Hey Gert:wavey:

Naaa, Flossy won’t leave the lighthouse…and I’m still not sure to start a journey:shrug: …I really want to, but too much work around here… with a little luck I can start later…

But I’ve already looked out for your entry, how about you:) ?!



well, I kinda like the challenge subject, so I’m developing an idea right now!

It’s even busier out here than before but I really want to try out so I guess I’ll set out and do it this time…

keep you posted,



Well… it’s not the good place here to bla-bla-bla… we’re waiting the Journey Thread of Sabie for that… quickly please miss :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


Yeaahhh… well, we have to go spamming in this old thread, waiting for the new one :scream:


Everybody knows you’re gonna join Sabie , So let’s opening your thread so we can spam you there … you will post your sketch after :scream:

That’s not the best way to convince you … isn’t it ? :scream:


Go go Sabie! We need another outlet for our creative (spamming) energies! :scream: :bounce:


Morning Sabie… [color=pink]I just need you so much Ah ahaha Ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah argh[/color] :cry: :love: I want to see your journey miss… :bounce:


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