Spectacular 3D Entry: Sabrina Bott


Just imagine only female winners for this contest… a great proof for you all girls :thumbsup: and I will be certainly very happy…

…but quickly, that would be likely to become intolerable for us :scream: hahahahaha…

Just sorry for to spam more here…

signed : MachoNut :smiley:


y0… I know I posted somewhere but I can’t find it, so sorry for double spamming if I did. Congratulations for the final… hehe, one of my favs, the mood and realistic lighting is really well done!


Hi Sabrina,

i just wanted to spam this thread again to say how outstanding your work is!
I hope to see you on the podium!

Voll Krass eh! :wink:

:beer: Alex


hahaha… Lemog what are you telling here… hahaha

Sabrina :beer:


@ Lemog:

:eek: Hey, Mr. MachoNut…:smiley:

I know you helped me so much, otherwise I would say it’s time for your wife to get your feet back on the ground…:smiley: ,
it would be hard to get all the prizes for the Ladys, because I think we are not even enough…don’t know why…:shrug:

btw: your wildkid avatar is soooo cute, can such an artist be a macho…?:slight_smile:

@ versiden :

Hey Martin, thank’s for your friendly words! Don’t worry about a possible double post, I love such praise, even if I’ve heard it before:D !

@ vampeta: Hi Alex,

thank’s for dropping by again:) Nice to get such compliments, even if the challenge is over!
See you!:beer:

@ jddog: you are sharing Lemog’s opinion…!?:smiley:



a macho ? me… hahaha… just few seconds… just the time to write it… :wink:


See you next time, SABRINA :thumbsup: Best wishes to you!


I must say, I love this final !

Congrat girl , that a really nice picture ! :thumbsup:


**non machospam mode on

It’s a shame that there is no femalewinner in 3d contest… but Linda is in jury for this one ?
Geez I should made a girl pulling up the tree instead of my nobrain male…

Anyway I think it’s the right time that somewoman gets the 1st prize 3D this time , don’t you think Sabrina , Hope it will be you :bounce:

back in machomode**


Sabrina, congratulations+5 stars+ :bounce::bounce::bounce::bounce::bounce:+:applause: for a such a spectacular final entry! Hey guys, just focus away from the prizes, we are all winners! (oops I didn’t finish my entry… lol doesn’t matter it’s nearly Christmas so Santa give everyone a BOXX :scream:


hey Sabrina,congratsss!
i should say that this is really one of my favoritss!:thumbsup:
goodluck and


congrats sabrina it ended up greatly, good luck.:slight_smile:


@ Lemog:

I’m very eased to hear this…:slight_smile:
@ bne[/b]: See you, Stepan:beer:

@ scootermaya: Hey Michel, thank you, nice to hear that you like it!:slight_smile:

@ Zapan: You have to put the “non macho mode” on first…?! Very suspicious!:smiley:

@ Digital_Rebellion: Hey Karim, thank’s for your nice words! Hope to see you with a finished entry next time too…!

@ Madlight_1988: Hi Ali, thank’s a lot for your compliment! It’s such a pity that you had’nt the time to finish your entry, but learning is of course always more important. I hope to see your scene on the wip-section of this forum and I’m looking forward to see you again in the next challenge! All the best wishes for you!:slight_smile:

@ shemosus: Thank you, Ahmed!:slight_smile:



Good morning Sabie… just to confirm that you have a Super New Christmas Cat Avatar… :scream: :thumbsup: have a nice day girl :wavey:


Hi daWinky,
nice christmas avatar.
Is it your cat singing ‘silent night’ ?
How do you trained it?


great Water !!!


Thank’s Laurent, i will give the commendation to my cat…:wink: !

Originally Posted by Eumel
Is it your cat singing ‘silent night’ ?
How do you trained it?

To achieve this pose you can try it with some fish or step on the cats tail…he prefers the fish…:smiley:

Originally Posted by twister65
great Water !!!

Thank’s Dominik, good to here this…I had a hard fight with the water;) …

And now I wish all people around here a Merry Christmas. Have all a good time!




Just wanted to drop by to say I lurked on your thread during the Challenge and thought your work was super cool! :smiley: Congratulations on a great finish!!! :buttrock:It’s been great to have you on the Anatomy Forum spam thread, and I look forward to when you will branch out from the spam and join us on the other threads as well! :bounce:

Cheers and Happy Holidays!!! :bounce:



just drop by to say merry christmas to u sabrina . have a great christmas :smiley:


Merry Christmas, Sabrina! :bounce: