Spectacular 3D Entry: Sabrina Bott


Very nice job, Sabrina!

I think you balanced your main idea and everyone’s suggestions perfectly. All the tricky parts (fog, water, skin, etc.) have all come together.

I hope you enjoyed your journey toward your work’s completion. I know we all did.

Now you can sit back and relax a bit…and enjoy…


:eek: All these congratulations…:love: ! I’m feeling like a winner now!:slight_smile:

@ mmoir: Thank you for these kind words, Mike!

@ makaron: Hey Mona, it was always nice to have you and your GP around here. Thank’s a lot for your support!

@ 3d-empire: Thank you, Danny!

@ denverbz: Hi Alan, I’m glad, that you like the final. Thank’s my friend for all your helpful comments and the great support!

@ Lemog: Hi Laurent, thank you for your nice words and don’t know if I can say enough about your reliable support and the concrete help during this challenge…

extra-good-sharing here… incredible…if the world could be always turn like that… but its a real utopic dream… just remain us this CG place to live in peace and harmony

I can only agree with it, this is a really special place here!

@ Gunilla: And it was a pleasure to have you around here, Gunilla! Thank you for the good wishes and for your great support!

@ Neeno: Hey Marcel, thank you for the kind words!

@ ObiGert: Simply nice! Thank’s a lot Gert, for always being suround, the motivation and your good suggestions just from the beginning, I really appreciate it!

@ SoniaNotRed: Thank you, Sonia!

@ Zapan: Wow, Stéphane, that’s so nice, thank’s a lot for your kind words and for being around here, always motivating…And no need to be envious, your masterpiece will be finished soon, and then it’s partytime for you too!!

@ Maxter: Glad that you like it, Fabio, thank’s!

@ shakes: Thank you John, for your praise!

@ melkao: Thank you, Carlos, glad that you like it!

@ madshooter: Hey Roshan, thank’s a lot for your kind words and for all your support!

@ evanfotis: Good to hear that you like it, Evan. Thank’s for the kind words!

@ ChrisD01: Thank’s for the good wishes, Christophe!

@ Eumel: Hi Martin, thank’s for all your support and the helpful comments, glad that you like it now!

@ Squibbit: Hey Panu, thank you!

@ vampeta: Hi Alex, thank’s for your good wishes and the nice words! Ich hoffe auch, Dich beim nächsten Challenge zu sehen! Mir hat es so viel Spass gemacht, dass ich es mir bestimmt nicht entgehen lasse wieder teilzunehmen.
Liebe Grüsse!

@ bobzilla: Hey Robert, thank’s for your nice words and I’ve really enjoyed this challenge!

I want to say again how much I appreciate the great support in this community. It’s not only a good thing to improve the work, for me it’s warming my heart to have this sympathy and interest from people around the cg-world. And I hope to see you all back at least in the next challenge! I’m still around here 'til the end to see all the great work finished! 10 days left now. See you in your threads!:wavey:



and my GP.s says…



Hi Sabrina, what can i say? WOOOOOOOOW:love:
U ve done an amazing work, one of my fav entries i must say:thumbsup:
It has a great sence of depth and i like colors and ambience most.
Keep it up daWinky:bounce:


hahahahaaa… excellent makaron

Sabrina, für mich Deutch zu schreiben ist zu schwierig, aber dass auch eine gute übung für mich ist… Ich wollte nur dir viel Glück im Voting wünschen :slight_smile: Yess sorry like in englishI wrote like a dog…

but here we are, the finishing line… CONGRATULATION Sabrina :thumbsup: + a lots of :applause:



bravo sabrina! very nice final image congrats!thanx you also 4 showin interest in all differents threads u are a very nice persson and a very talented one …keep like that!!


Hehe congratulation sabrina, you’re finally done with this challenge ! From a to z, you have made some great stuff and the final image is really amazing… :thumbsup:

You were a really sympathic challenger, it was always a pleasure to receive your comments and to visit your thread :slight_smile:

Keep it up Dawinky, i hope to see more good stuff from you in the future :bounce:



Wunderbar! Ich wunche dir auch viele gluck mit der Geshworenengericht!
Ich wird eine bier an dir haben! :beer:


Great work, again congrats!


Waouwww, well, it’s a beautiful final image, the mood is excellent, the texture and compo too.
I was keeping an eyes on this thread, you’ve done an amazing and great work. And you can be really proud of this pictures… Congrats! :arteest:

Good luck for jury! :beer:


@ makaron: Hehe, Mona, say thank’s to your GP’s! :wavey:

@ Mr Micro: Hey dude, thank’s for your kind words:) . What’s about your own entry, no new updates for a while now, that’s a pity…Too much other work to do, I guess…?

@ jddog: Hey Julien, thank’s for your good wishes, and that in German…Es war gut zu verstehen, auch wenn Du aus der Übung bist! Danke!:slight_smile:

@ jaba153: Hey Mathieu, wow, these are great compliments:blush: , thank’s a lot…congrats again for your own finished work, very impressive!

@ Goul: Thank’s for the nice words:) , you’re very kind, Nicolas!

@ Climax: Hey Omar, you’ve learned German:D !? Thank’s for your nice comment! Cheers!:beer:

@ sergioKomic: Hi Sergio, glad that you like it, thank’s for your congrats!:slight_smile:

@ SuperXCM: Good to hear that you like the pic. I’m proud for sure to get all these great feedback:) ! And thank’s for the good wishes!



congratulations on the final image sabrina. Great work and feeling :smiley:


It’s amazing how empty one’s life gets without FlossyTalk…



Hello Sabrina!

Sorry to be late on this last and final update, but a huge congratulation for finishing this beautiful and remarkable entry. :bounce: :thumbsup: :wise: :cool: :drool:

The story is very moving and the atmosphere of your picture is so strong.

All my best and good luck for the final judging. For sure one of the few top entrys of this challenge.

I will be following your next projects!



I can’t say enough how much I am pleased with this scene. Really a marvelous job. Now I’ve got a plea for you. I am running into some difficulties making the water in my scene look nice and as we all now know, you are the master of making water in 3d apps :wink: So I would appreciate it if you could give me some pointers to help me to make the water in my scene better. I wanted to pm you about this issue but the private message function has been deactivated for your account. Thanks!


HI SAbrina, I saw your post long ago, it great to see that is coming pretty nice, maybe the monster’s neck need more wetness, anyways great job… !


Sabrina, you did it very good :thumbsup: I really like it a lot :slight_smile:


@ Agamemnwn: Hey Jannis, glad that you like my Flossy-render, thank’s for your nice words!:slight_smile:

@ ObiGert:

And I thought it’s so just for me…:smiley: ! But I have a nice, relaxed time now to look in all the other threads…See you, Gert:wavey:

@ Thierry: Hey, very kind words, Thierry:blush:! Thank’s a lot! And again good luck for your wonderful entry too!

@ gardogg: Thank’s for the compliment. PM and mail is now enabled, I haven’t seen this before:shrug: , …so if I can help, I’m here ! See you in your thread, Gary…

@ Nakary: Thank’s for your nice comment, Richard!:slight_smile:

@ bne[/b]: Thank’s again Stepan for your great support and I’m glad you like it:) ! Waiting impatiently for every new update and the final version of your fairy tale now…!



Good one! I like the water/sea so much.:slight_smile:


Hi daWinky,

sorry, I’m a little bit late to set a comment about quit smoking:
I wish you success to quit smoking. :thumbsup:

One question:
Is it true that 3d means 3 drugs - caffeine, nicotine and adrenaline? :eek:

If you succeed, will we loose you 3d talent? Will you swap to 2d? :rolleyes:


Is it possoble to substitute one of three witout loosing the 3d skills?

I myself quit three years ago and I am not able to create 3d art. (I wasn’t at all times :scream: )