Spectacular 3D Entry: Sabrina Bott


Hi Sabrina, I just read the story you’ve wrote on the picture, so nice and heart breaking, it enhences even more the beauty of what you’ve done, which is already so great. :bounce:

My monster is feeling less lonely than your’s on my pic, on the contrary he’s finding the place a bit too crowed now haha!:scream:
Looking forward to see the final one, dear Sabrina!


:bounce: go sabrina ! go sabrina go! almost finish?

nice foggymouth:thumbsup:


Hi Sabrina,

Big sorry 4 the lack of feedback here from my side during the last weeks.
I was so bussy to finish my own work… and missed some realy great updates.

As usual Fantastic progress on your Image. I just can smell the saltwater :))

And of course thanks a lot 4 your nice words in my thread.

Vielen Dank Sabrina! Echt ein schöner Ort hier um leute aus aller Welt zu treffen… vor allem aus der Nachbarschaft :wink:
Wirklich ein Fantastisches Bild! Ich liebe die Atmosphere die Du erschaffen hast!
Viel Glück! ich drück Dir alle Daumen die ich Habe!!

Liebe Grüße


nice crature sabrina! good emotional scene! :buttrock: some little point for me is specular white area on creature eye is too big and too wide? look like there are orther light source under water , if it the bounce light from water , maybe it’s not strong,

nice work !


Ah, yes! thanks!

This is a great one - I love the reflections under her head … the foam from her mouth - just splendid! :thumbsup:
Have you found a suitable soundclip for her? :smiley:


@ Lemog: Hi Laurent, glad that you like this addition, and before you ask again: no, this is not my cigarette smoke:D …just the breath of loneliness…but if you managed to stop smoking, does it help to create beautiful pictures:p ? This would be another good reason for me to stop it for sure…

@ gardogg: Hey Gary, thank’s for looking in here again…and for your crits concerning the highlight. It’s a real reflection of my light set-up, just imagine that this is the moon behind Flossy…I’m not sure about it now, I take a look at it again and perhaps decrease it a little. Thank’s for this suggestion!:slight_smile:

@ makaron: Hey Mona, don’t cry, after the challenge I can model a fellow for her…again thank’s for your visit!:slight_smile:

@ thierry: Hi Thierry, nice to see you here again, yes, I had a look at your monster today and it really seems that it wants to be alone…always the same with these monsters, whatever they have, they are not satisfied with it:D …

@ Jaba153: Hey Mathieu, almost finished now, I hope to make the final upload this week…so thank’s for your engouragement!:slight_smile:

@ vampeta: Hi Alex, I watched your entry, so I’ll believe that you’ve been very busy, and with a great result! Thank’s for your kind words! Mit etwas Mut zur nicht perfekten Arbeit betrachte ich mein Werk auch als beendet und werde noch diese Woche die endgültige Version hochladen. Danke für’s Daumen drücken und ich hoffe Dich beim nachsten Challenge wiederzusehen - oder vielleicht mal im Louisiana…cy:beer:

@ monsitj: Thank’s for your visit, Monsit…it seems you have the same critic as gardogg, if this reflection is really so disturbing, I’ll lower it a little bit…thank you for this reminder!:slight_smile:

@ Gunilla: Thank’s for your kind words, Gunilla, I’m glad that you like it…and for the sound: perhaps something like this foghorn :wink:

See you tomorrow I hope to take a last look before final upload:wavey:



Yeah , this one rock !!! .
thx for this close-up because yeah I can’t wait for the final ! :bounce: :bounce:

Nothing to crit , except do you have already think about an extended frame as wallpaper ? 1600*1280 for those people who actually wanted to adopt her, but unfortunatly can’t ?


Sabrina, thanks for that image :thumbsup: waiting for final one :slight_smile:


Of course Sabie… I can’t really say the opposite… but a thing is sure, that change your life… and you will make happy somebody :scream: :thumbsup:


…but if you managed to stop smoking, does it help to create beautiful pictures:p ? This would be another good reason for me to stop it for sure…

You’re going to stop smoking? Good luck - if you really want it, it’s not impossible. I stopped almost two years ago … working up to the desicion took me 3-4 years but once I did, it wasn’t as hard as everyone says. Two weeks of torture and then… you’ll be surprised about how much enery you’ll get. It’s worth it :thumbsup:

And that foghorn is a great mood enchancer - you should have it autoplay when the image is showed (and how would one do that?) :scream:


@ Zapan: Hey Stéphane, good to see you’re back:) ! Thank’s for your support, I can’t wait now to finish too!

@ bne[/b]: Hi Stepan, I hurry up with the final now, thank’s for the visit. I’m watching your thread eagerly, don’t want to miss some of your great updates…

@ Lemog: Good morning Laurent!

Of course Sabie… I can’t really say the opposite… but a thing is sure, that change your life… and you will make happy somebody

Good to hear, and the last argument is of course one more good reason…:slight_smile:

@ Gunilla: The foghorn is nice, isn’t it…:smiley:
And yes, I promised my husband to stop smoking when the challenge is finished - and of course I really want it myself. So it’s good to hear about your experiences, thank’s for the encouragement!! This will be my private little challenge after this one…

But now it’s time to come to an end. I’ll will upload soon the version I have so far…for some last crits about brightness, color, contrast…too late for major changes…



I hope to hear some last crits about brightness, contrast and color…this should be more or less the final version, I just need some encouragement for the upload…



yes, your image has improve to the best ! and it will be the best of the best if you quit smoking! :bowdown:


I really don’t know what to crit now… I love your picture Sabie… that’s all… I keep this last one for me… and if you can do again better -> :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:


Yeah the last one is perfect , I can’t really imagine what you can do to make it even better…

So I guess this is the end no ? :bounce: :bounce:


looks very good :bounce: the only thing that I can think of is, the skyopening at the left side, by the lighthouse, is a tiny, tiny bit too brite " the white line at the cloud" … my eye is drawn towards it… otherwise… just :thumbsup:

BTW about smoking, I been holding up for 15 days now. going pretty well… so if I can do it, so can you :wip:


@ monsitj: Thank’s a lot for this nice comment, Monsit!:slight_smile:

@ Lemog: No, I think I can’t do it better now, so thank you Laurent for your feedback and the lot of help I’ve got from you:love: !

@ Zapan: Yes my friend, this is the end:sad: …:smiley: Thank’s for your support, Stéphane!

@ makaron: Hey Mona, thank’s for this suggestion and I’m glad to hear about your 15 smokefree days:) , this is an encouragement for me!

OK, thank’s again for these last revisions of the picture, I gather all my courage now and make the final upload…



You help me a lot you know… extra-good-sharing here… incredible…

…if the world could be always turn like that… but its a real utopic dream… :shrug: just remain us this CG place to live in peace and harmony :slight_smile:


I like it too :slight_smile:


The Lighthouse Visitor

During the last decades mankind made great efforts to take a look even in the outer space, to discover new and spectacular things. But can we be really sure to know about the old mysteries of our own planet…have we looked in all the dark corners…?

The creature is perhaps the last of it’s species, sleeping and waiting in the loneliness and darkness at the ground of the deepest depth of the sea, tired of searching the ones who are gone and never came back.
Then men built a lighthouse to warn ships and they gave him a voice: The foghorn, with a sound that is like an empty bed beside you all night long, and like an empty house when you open the door, and like trees in autumn with no leaves, a sound like November wind and the sea on the hard, cold shore. It’s a sound that’s so alone that no one can miss it and whoever hears it will know the sadness of eternity and the briefness of life.
And the creature awakes hearing the foghorn, a voice like his own voice and it arose and comes up to the surface of the sea, slowly swimming around the lighthouse, awaiting to find the long gone fellow. The foghorn blows. The monster answers…A cry comes across a million years of water and mist. A cry so anguished and alone… the sound of the foghorn itself. The monster cries out at the tower. The fog horn blows. The monster roars again…

The description is based on Ray Bradbury’s short-story “The Fog Horn”