Spectacular 3D Entry: Sabrina Bott


At this step of your project… you can produce many different versions… all very good… and then find people who like one and people like other one… and the choice comes more difficult at each update… none little modifications can change all… and the quality is already here… the message too… well… I just say… go for Hi-Res now… :bounce:


Best wishes, Sabrina! :wip:


:applause: good luck with final … :thumbsup:


Good Luck With The Last Render ,:slight_smile: .


@ Lemog, (o)ne, jddog and shemosus:

Thank’s for the good wishes, I hope this will help:) …anyways, I’m rendering now in as many layers as necessary…showing the result as soon as have them…cy:wavey:



Hi Sabrina, almost done no? You are near of the end my friend. Good finish with your work, i’m impatient to see the final image. :bounce: :applause:


• Hi Sabrina!, it is looking great, have anybody told you that? :smiley:
A suggestion: Put some breathe vapor coming out of his mouth it will give a cool detail of a living creature :thumbsup:


Hi daWinky,

I’m sad to hear about your render problem.
I hope you can solve it. I wish you good luck to finish the work.

Let us see the final!


Hey daWinky …u keep getting out very smooth stuff…hang on …it’s coming to the end…
No crits really (i like it , u know it)…i am here just for the support group :applause:.


giving your computer a little friendly kick and you see… it will work like a charm after that… :slight_smile:

really hope that it helps… we wanna see more Flossy… :buttrock:


@ denverbz: Hi Alan, yes, I’ve only to render now the hi-res and do a little PS-work:argh: …so it’s up to the PC now…I’m impatient too…:wink:

@ Climax:

• Hi Sabrina!, it is looking great, have anybody told you that?

Hi Omar, I’ve heard this before, but you know that women can’t get enough compliments, so thank’s a lot:beer: …btw: breath vapor is a good idea, I’ll see what I get with this…

@ Eumel: I know what is causing the problems, for some reasons I can’t compute the motion blur for my particle systems…so I have to find a workaround, thank’s for the good wishes, Martin…:slight_smile:

@ DimitrisLiatsos:

No crits really (i like it , u know it)…i am here just for the support group

Thank’s for your support, Dimitris:) …I’m impatient now and want to come to the end…this week for sure!

@ makaron: Hey Mona, I’ve already tried to kick the PC :banghead: (and a lot of other things:D ), but it seems more manual and mental work is necessary…but I hope I will have it soon, thank’s for your visit!

I’m still here, rendering like nuts and glad to have still this great support. Flossy’s final is coming soon…I hope…



Your last test is great Sabrina.Nice work.


hey pssst…

I’ve had this feeling before, this page looks empty without your update…



Yep -I agree with ObiGert… how about some close ups while we’re waiting for that final?
Have you sorted out your computer problems yet?
So, this is Scanline rendered … I wouldn’t have guessed - the lighting is really good :thumbsup:

Have a great day, Sabie :wavey:


I know Sabrina, what to do with your PC… just tell it. I gonna send my GP-bunch to eat the powercord if it don´t render as it should, :scream: that maybe can help… :stuck_out_tongue:

hope to see more of Flossie soon :slight_smile:


@ sonic-x: Thank’s Corrie, glad that you like it!:slight_smile:

@ ObiGert: Hi Gert, when you’re entering a challenge yourself, don’t forget to mail me:twisted: …I’ll be around to push you for a daily update…Thank’s for being around, Gert:) !

@ Gunilla: You’re also impatient I see… a little close-up, hmmm, Flossy still a bit shy, I see what I have here…
The real problem I have with rendering is the motion blur for my particle effects…there should be enough memory, but for some reason the rendering crashs…

@ makaron: Hi Mona, I think this workstation is not impressed by threat or compliments:D …but this reminds me of a friend of mine, her computer was really demaged by a hungry rabbit:scream: …so beware of your GP…



A little close-up for those who can’t wait for the final… :wink:



Thanks for the close-up Sabie…a major one…

Then, I must congratulate you for this great addition around Flossie mouth… that finish to give her real life… and to manage more sensitive feeling with the story… G.R.E.A.T. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Beautiful job as I’ve said before. I must say though that something that strikes me immediately as being “wrong” is the blue highlight that is closest to the viewer on flossy’s eye. It gives the impression that a blue spotlight is hitting the eye. Perhaps the photographer has a blue flash camera. I think in reality there would be no highlight on that part of the eye because there is no lightsource that would create that concentrated single highlight there. Only a blue lightbulb could do that… Hope that opinion proves useful to you.


she is soooo cute. she looks good up close…:bounce: and for sure looks lonely… :cry: