Spectacular 3D Entry: Sabrina Bott


@ makaron: Hey Mona, sorry that I salted your morning coffee:sad: …yes it’s just a sad story. I’ve noted your vote and still try to find a convincing mix between both scenes…cy and your gp

@ Lemog: Glad that you like it, Laurent. Indeed I’ve found it so impressive, that I never forgot this story since I read it first time many years ago…Seeing a lighthouse or hearing a foghorn I always remember this story and I’m half and half awaiting to see the monster coming up…btw: I don’t like to swim in the sea:scream: …

@ Agamemnwn: Hey Jannis, this is a well written story, not from me, but Mr. Ray Bradbury…it’s the inspiration for my pic…though glad you like it…:slight_smile:

@ Gunilla: Thank’s for the compliment, I had this picture in mind along with the story for a long time now…:slight_smile:

@ denverbz: Too much honor for me, all credits for the story goes to Ray Bradbury, it’s his short story “The Foghorn” from 1950 , the inspiration for my pic…I’ve just put it together and retranslated it from my german book…if I could write this way, don’t know if I’m trying to make pictures then…:slight_smile:
You like the darker scene more? yes, I’m still working to put some fog in this one…thank’s for your support, Alan.:love:

@ Zapan: Hey Stéphane, yes, it’s the other way round, story was first there and not from me…Adoption is a very generous offer, but I think she won’t be happy lonesome and captured…if you don’t know a fellow of her genre, we’ll leave her better alone…you know what happens, when she’s angry…:scream:

@ shakes: Hi John, fog is a must be, I agree with this, but I still try to get the scene a little darker, more evening mood…thank’s for your support!:slight_smile:

@ Eumel: Thank’s for the nice comment, and I’m waiting for an update too:bounce: …long rendertimes now…

@ Gunilla again: Good morning, dudette! I’m usually doing interiors and product viz and for this vRay is my favorite, quick and flexible. I also like the results of finalRender for interiors, but of cause it’s all a matter of handling the renderer:shrug: . I was too lazy to learn more about MR since I had my bad experiences, perhaps it’s the time to give it another try…



amazing work :bounce:



I’m a little exited, cause I think I’m coming near now to the look I want to achieve. What do you think? …And especially: how is the overall brightness for you…I’ve still problems to get used to my new TFT, worked so long on a CRT…



Hiya Sabrina,

great update, you are getting in control of overall brightness now! Are you gonna blue it up a little bit? I loved that blueish mood a few posts ago…

Have you tried DOF yet, I think the far away blurring might add to the idea that there’s fog above the water…

happy renderings…



hi sab’ very nice story!and the overallbrightnessie is perfectmaybe put a little bit of fog comin’out from the mouth of the monsta?(like when it’s cold…)


Overall brightness looks perfect to me. You are almost there so just keep moving. You have some time to play around with your image also you can do all that minor adjustments in photoshop. Waiting to see the finished final image:bounce: :bounce:


Hello Sabrina,

Girl, you’ve created such a beautiful image… that I don’t even know what to say, except that I would try to do the background a little more dark. Apart that… it looks just spectacular.


hello Sabrina, very beautifull text for illustre your image congrat:applause: .
For your new update, I find that the water shines a little bit too much for the night, but it is a personal opinion:thumbsup:


I wouldn’t know what to crit, Sabrina, it looks perfect…must be a lovely feeling having two weeks to tinker!!


Hi Sabrina … the story is nicely put! and the image looks very well indeed!:beer: !


Brillient, if just you can break the repitition of the windows of the light house ,i know they are not 100% identical, what about puting a very low poly character, in one of the windows, a character that is making eye contact with the sea creature, with an expression " oh my god, i’ve seen the creature ", if you don’t have the patience to render it once more you could render this character separatley and ps it in one of the windows , i think it will give the image another feeling dimension.
couple of things more , the water splash around the creature is way too sharp , if you could only blur them a little ,even through depth of field, the last thing, the top of the light house area need to be less contrasted ,may be you can add some fog up there .
in over all excellent , and i told you before , i like the mood and the atmosphere ,good luck.


@ kreuz: Thank’s a lot!!:slight_smile:

@ ObiGert: Thank’s for the compliment, Gert, I’m also glad to come nearer now after endless test…some color correction is made quick with PS and a slightly more blue color will fit well I think, but I can show different versions to compare. I’ve to admit that I’ve tried no DOF yet because of endless rendertimes, but I do so next week…thank’s again for your always great support, Gert!:love:

@ Jaba153: Hey, nice to see you here. Thank’s for your suggestion, a little extra fog as puff for her mouth is worth a try…:slight_smile:

@ madshooter: Hey Roshan, I’m eased to hear that the brightness is good for you…I’ve really problems with the change to a TFT monitor at the moment…nice that you are still around with your support here, but enjoy your weekend without struggling for the challenge:) !!

@ claudio_jordao: Hi Claudio, I’m very encouraged to read your kind words. Making a beatiful picture is exactly what I want…and spectacular of course:D …I’ll try out to darken the background a little more, thank’s!!

@ ChrisD01: Hi Christophe, it’s more the picture that tries to illustrate the before existing text, but thank’s a lot though. Hmmm, you think water is too reflective…don’t know, light from the lighthouse, the moon, the sundown…but I have an eye on it, thank’s!:slight_smile:

@ shakes: Heheh, thank’s John, unfortunately I see a lot of things to tinker…and not much time…

@ yunisirees: Cheers, Hamid!:beer:

@ shemosus: Thank’s for your detailed revision, Ahmed! I still have to fix some things that disturb me and will remind the things you’ve mentioned. :slight_smile:



I wanna see hi-res :thumbsup:


Hi! I like your work very much! The magnificent atmosphere! And the really great compositional solution! Keep it up! Good luck! :slight_smile:


Wow! Sabrina!!! And I thought you reached the end of how beautiful this could become… :bowdown: This is really fantastic - I share your exitement, congrats!

So, this is VRay? I’ve seen a lot of great renders with that - perhaps time to give it a shot!


Hi daWinky,

great update. :bounce:

It seems to be nearly finished.
Your scene meets the mood of the story as well as possible.

One point only: increase the motion blur for the spray droplets beneath flossy’s tail.
I think this will improve realism.

And at least. If you plan to add a light house keeper, don’t dress him (or her) up with a yellow raincoate or sou’wester. This woult take the observers eyes await from flossy. Just choose grey and brown for the rain clothes.


Hey Sabrina,

Your image is looking very strong, the mood you wanted I think has come across very well in the image. :applause: :applause:
Great job and good luck.


Hi Sabse :slight_smile:

I really like youre entry so far. Nice composition… Maybe you add some cold exhalation to your “Nessi”… just an idea. Keep going… great job so far!


In first when I saw your last update, I think… this one with this sky seem very dark, very black… I just do a quick test while compositing this one and the previous one, more clear, more foggy and more blue… many test while playing with opacity, erasing eventually some parts to keep certain interesting parts… and the result for me is :

Keep this one… it works very good… perfect with your mood, you story, your feeeling… it’s now more dramatic and sad… then… I love it ! you can be proud of your work Sabie :applause: :bowdown: a real masterpiece very sensitive and pleasant :wavey:


@ bne[/b]: I want to see hi-res too, Stepan, at the moment render crashes near the end without error comment:banghead: :cry: …wish me luck to get this managed and you will see a hi-res version soon…

@ Atris: Thank’s for your nice words, Sergey:) !

@ Gunilla: Thank’s for sharing my exitement, Gunilla:) …After starring at it and playing around with variations I really think that this will be more or less the final version - if I ever get this rendered…btw: I mostly use vray for my interiors - this is max’s native scanline renderer…

@ Eumel: Thank you, Martin, I’m quite happy with the mood now…I think there will be no lighthouse keeper…it was a more minimalistic composition from the beginning and adding more details won’t fit in the concept.

@ mmoir: Hi Mike, thank you for your kind words!

@ theuni: Hi Stephan, thank’s for the compliment and your suggestion…I’ll see what I can do in post, but first I have to render it…:slight_smile:

@ Lemog: Good morning, Laurent. Wow, I take it as a great compliment that you use your time for some tests with my pic…and if you found nothing to crit I’m very eased now:cool: …it’s not so often that I’m satisfied with my pictures, but here I achieved to get the mood I wanted and now I stick to this version…if I can render it:banghead: …I was searching for the reason of crashing the whole weekend, no result yet…