Spectacular 3D Entry: Sabrina Bott


Hey kitty ! :scream:

Great to hear you have solved you hardware issues.

For your picture , that’s funny to see how much your fog enlight your scene.
I prefer the left render , but the contrast in right is really interesting.
So my idea (and it’s just my opinion) would be to raise the power of your lights without fog. And the render just a fog layer pass and composite it with PS. This way , you might have more control on the contrast/saturation/lighting of your scene…

Keep up the great work , can’t wait to see your next update :bounce:


Well… if the young guy give the councils before me… where does the world go :scream: hahahaha


Just trying to apply your lessons master !! [FAYOT mode ON] :scream: Hahaha !!


hi sabrina…i like more the frist render…and the problem is maybe in the texture of the water…maybe in the reflection or refraction…once i have the same problem…ans the solution was in the texture:thumbsup:


I like the second option :thumbsup: I like the evening mood and the wet feel on the creature looks more enhanced finally it is your choice :slight_smile:


i agree with others… fog gives greater realism to the scene:thumbsup:


@ jddog: Thank’s for taking a look at my fog-problem! What you’ve said about the scenes is exactly what I think…so I try to find a balance between both. Thank’s for your opinion, Julien!:slight_smile:

@ ChrisD01: The second scene is too dark now for sure…it was just to illustrate my problem - I’ll try now a mix…Thank’s for your good wishes!:slight_smile:

@ Zapan: This is exactly what I planned to do, thank’s for the validation of my thoughts. Hope that you will solve your technical problems and bring your scene to render soon, Stéphan!:bounce:

@ Lemog: I think you wanted to say the same as Zapan:) …!?..you’re a good teacher and Stéphan stopped snailing…:smiley:

@ melkao: Hi Carlos, yes, you’re right, the shaders are made for reflecting the skydome…but the influence of the fog is now too much for the whole scene I think, escpecially when I add a beam from the lighthouse…Thank’s for your support!:slight_smile:

@ madshooter: Hey Roshan! I know that it’s my choice…and I find it difficult:shrug: …so I try to find a good balance between the versions. Thank’s for yor ongoing support. Btw…I wish I can also put a “final” as title of my upload, you’ve made a cool scene:thumbsup: …!

@ Maxter: Thank’s for your opinion, Fabio. I just try to get a little more control over the water reflections…too bright for a evening scene. But of course there will be fog in the final render…!:slight_smile:

I’m going now to make some other endless fog/light-tests…:arteest:



Hi Sabrina , wel… I didn’t put in a vote since I think you already know what I’m going to say… I like them both! :slight_smile:

But if I have to choose, I choose the foggy mysterious one - mainly for the sad mood.

Good luck in choosing for next step!


I would preffer the second option, though maybe with a light beam from the lighthouse, cutting through the fog, lighting the character in the foreground? If you had this kind (and amount) of light, you could even make the background darker still. If you did this, maybe lighten the sky a bit, while keeping the clouds dark… and play with the silhouette of your elements. Could be an interesting idea to explore.


Hi daWinky,

I like the right, fogless one much more.
The announcement to create a foggy area specially to show the lighthouse beam sounds great.
I’m keen to see this.


@ Gunilla: Hi Gunilla, the 2 pics are just to illustrate the problem, there will be fog for sure, it’s an important element of the scene. Now I just try to grt the best of both…thank’s for your good wishes:) …

@ dvelasco: Hey Diego, your suggestions are very interesting, thank’s for your support!:slight_smile:

@ Eumel: Thank’s for taking another look at my endless testings and for the great support. I hurry up to show the results soon…:wavey:

@ Lemog: Sorry Laurent, I wanted to post the story’s end as bedtime sweets for you, but now here is comes…:slight_smile:

The quotes are from the short story “The Foghorn” by Ray Bradbury. I hope I’m not breaching any copyright with this quotes…if anybody thinks so, I put it away at once…

In the picture we see the situation that Flossy - the monster - had come to the surface from deep down the sea, swimming around the island for a while, watched by the lighthouse keeper and his colleague…

"…The Fog Horn blew. And the monster answered. A cry came across a million years of water and mist. A cry so anguished and alone that it shuddered in my head and my body. The monster cried out at the tower. The Fog Horn blew. The monster roared again. The Fog Horn blew. The monster opened its great toothed mouth and the sound that came from it was the sound of the Fog Horn itself. Lonely and vast and far away. The sound of isolation, a viewless sea, a cold night, apartness. That was the sound…
I saw it all, I knew it all–the million years of waiting alone, for someone to come back who never came back. The million years of isolation at the bottom of the sea, the insanity of time there, while the skies cleared of reptile-birds, the swamps dried on the continental lands, the sloths and sabre-tooths had their day and sank in tar pits, and men ran like white ants upon the hills…"
After watching this for a long time the lighthouse keeper decided to switch the foghorn off…
"…The ensuing minute of silence was so intense that we could hear our hearts pounding in the glassed area of the tower, could hear the slow greased turn of the light.
The monster stopped and froze. Its great lantern eyes blinked. Its mouth gaped. It gave a sort of rumble, like a volcano. It twitched its head this way and that, as if to seek the sounds now dwindled off into the fog. It peered at the lighthouse. It rumbled again. Then its eyes caught fire. It reared up, threshed the water, and rushed at the tower, its eyes filled with angry torment…
…the monster was rearing up. I had a glimpse of its gigantic paws, fish-skin glittering in webs between the finger-like projections, clawing at the tower. The huge eye on the right side of its anguished head glit tered before me like a cauldron into which I might drop, screaming. The tower shook. The Fog Horn cried; the monster cried. It seized the tower and gnashed at the glass, which shattered in upon us…The monster crashed upon the tower. The tower fell. We knelt together, McDunn and I, holding tight, while our world exploded.

Then it was over, and there was nothing but darkness and the wash of the sea on the raw stones.
That and the other sound.
“Listen,” said McDunn quietly. “Listen.”
We waited a moment. And then I began to hear it. First a great vacuumed sucking of air, and then the lament, the bewilderment, the loneliness ofthe great monster, folded over and upon us, above us, so that the sickening reek of its body filled the air, a stone’s thickness away from our cellar.
The monster gasped and cried. The tower was gone. The light was gone. The thing that had called to it across a million years was gone. And the monster was opening its mouth and sending out great sounds. The sounds of a Fog Horn, again and again. And ships far at sea, not finding the light, not seeing anything, but passing and hearing late that night, must’ve thought: There it is, the lonely sound, the Lonesome Bay horn. All’s well. We’ve rounded the cape.
And so it went for the rest of that night."

The next morning the sea was calm, the monster has gone back in the deep sea…and was never seen again…but it is still waiting…



that story is just too sad… :cry: :wink: and you Flossy goes very well with it… my morningcoffee taste a bit salty now… wipe the tears haha…

and I write again, the grey image is showing this lonely mood the best… :slight_smile: too late too vote but I just have to vote anyway… :stuck_out_tongue:


The story was impressive and sensitive… of course now… we must see your masterpiece with another eyes… with more tears…

Nothing to crit for that Sabie… totally adapted to your pic… rather the pic adapted to the story… sehr schon und sehr machtig fraulein :thumbsup:


great story sabrina. its just like reading a well writen book :smiley:


Beautiful story… you captured it well!


You’re writer too my friend? Beautiful history, really now i see with other point view. Aaahh, about the pictures, i prefer the second image, but i think you could put some fog there. Congrats, masterpiece for sure :applause:


Bouh it’s so sad :cry:

Anyway it fits very well with your picture … wait , it’s the other way around…
Would that be ok if I adopt her , well in a very huge big giant fishtank ? :slight_smile:

Everything’s great Kitty , the story rocks !!


I think I like the first foggy render- looks perfect for that wonderful story- very poetic!


Hi daWinky,

your scene match the story very well.
Try to offer it to Mr. Bradbury or his publisher as cover pic for a story reissue.

Wait for your next update.


Hey Sabrina - saw your comment in Stephs thread and got curious - what renderer do you use?
I’ve just got started with MR in Max - it’s more stable now and I begin to like it. I can’t say I’ve figured out how it works yet though.