Spectacular 3D Entry: Sabrina Bott


I agree - the empty island looked better. Maybe some halos around the candles?

It looks like the changes in light have brought back the wet look on Flossie - beautiful!
Just for fun - if you have the time: How does she look like when looking from the island? What would the lightkeeper see?

Each update better and better, you rock :thumbsup:


Great details, i loved.:applause:

Gunilla said

I agree - the empty island looked better. Maybe some halos around the candles?

I agree with Gunilla, i think that will be better.

The atmosphere is great how i said before and to me, the lights is better now. Great work again Sabrina, congrats :applause:


I don’t like the “manche à air” / “air intake”, that do more aviation than marine… when I said details on the island… it’s morover to have some interesting contrasts, which give more relief, more depth, good idea about the scale, and the distance… to hange the eyes with some little reflection… I know, It’s more easy to say than to do…


[color=white]Hello[/color] Sabrina, I like that it have there more details on the island, as says it Lemog it gives more volume and depth, it does not disturb me that you are lowered light:)


@ Gunilla: Thank’s for your opinion, I’m getting already in a kind of rut, not seeing the obvious…your idea with a look from the lighthouse is interesting, I’m curious too:) , but no time for tests at the moment, perhaps later…CY

@ denverbz: Thank’s for your kind words, Alan. I’ve already decided that I don’t like the additional stuff, but I wanted to give it a try…:slight_smile:

@ Lemog: I don’t like it too;) , so I’m happy that I’ve not totally lost any feeling for this scene…I know what you wanted to say, but I think in real life you wouldn’t see so much contrast and details due to the distance and the fog…so I like the current look of my little waste island…:cool:

@ ChrisD01: Thank’s for your support, Chris!:slight_smile:

Thank’s for the quick replies, so I’ve not even waited for the end of complete rendering: buoy and windsock are gone…The only thing I would really like to add if I find some spare time, is a lighthouse keeper or a lighthouse keeper woman…but I want to start render passes upcoming Monday and I’m not a quick modeler…

have all a nice evening:wavey:



Hi. daWinky,

thanks for the objects on the Island.
But I think it’s better to remove them.
In case you want to be close to the foghorn story, this had to be a lonesome, desert island.
Nothing should take the observers eyes away from flossy and the lighthouse.

Take a look to the halo aroud the lighthouse main lantern. Maybe it’s a good idea to distinct it a little more.


Totally agree with you… with the distance and the fog, not lot of contrast, of course… I thinl “little brillant touches” which permit to suggered some things, details or presence… as particles of reflection… of course… this parts must be very little… just suggered.
But if you prefer like that, it’s your right of creator and artist, and I respect it so much… that not decrease the quality of your picture Sabie… I love it and you know that…

I’m waiting in the silence the following of the Flossie’s Story :thumbsup:


Good morning, Sabrina :slight_smile:

maybe you can place a bench near the water?


your mood is hunting, it makes me shiver , with a feeling of longing to be there , bravo:applause:


Nothing more to add than , other guys said about these details.

Altough one thing I noticed : I didn’t pay attention to these little waves near the island , but geez, they’re are stunning !!

Hope you’re gonna be over these hardware issues, I’ve some myself to render in a fullres…


hey, look better at every update, i really like your detail on the wave and the way they it the island, i thimk also that maybe some little rocks or vegetation between the ground island and the tower will make less feeling an strong seperation between this two object :slight_smile:



good thing to leave those objects off the island. The darkness might be better fit for story/mood but cover up most of the texturework, in the end it’ll be a style decision… I don’t think you have to be a quick modeler for the lighthousekeeper man or woman, you can flood the open door with light and the keeper will be seen as a silhouette only…

nice going!



@ Eumel

Hi Martin, you need a buoy, man, nice big buoy and a windsock…:smiley:
Thank’s for the reminder concerning the lantern, this is the next thing to do and trying to get a convincing light beam…CY

@ Lemog: Good morning, Laurent! Some glitter or reflections would be nice on the island, I agree! But thats a thing of post, I can’t render this in one pass…so I’m quite curious what I get then…
My story of Flossy will continue with further light and fog tests:shrug: …but do you want to know how the real story continues…?:slight_smile:

@ bne[/b]:

Good morning, Sabrina :slight_smile:

maybe you can place a bench near the water?

Good morning, Stepan!

Do you want to sit there…near the water…really:scream: :smiley: ?!!

@ shemosus: Glad that you like the mood, thank’s!:slight_smile:

@ Zapan: I think I’ve solved most of the technical problems, bad news to hear about yor hardware problems, I hope you get it under control soon:sad: …Glad that you like my little waves, yes, in the highres versions all details (and all mistakes) will be visible…CY

@ kingfish3d: Thank’s for your support, Gaetan. I will take a closer look to the lighthouse basement…:slight_smile:

@ ObiGert: The silhouette of the lighthouse keeper is a very good idea…But first I’ve to finish my struggling with light, fog and contrast…a kind of annoying tweaking…Glad that you had the time to take a look at the recent attempts…cy:wavey:



…I must acknowledge to be very curious… really :wink:


Really impressive !

Great work


pretty cool pic :slight_smile:

some of the waves could be a bit sharper maybe and you could try
putting a couple of leafless, gnarled old trees on the island there, or
there could be a row boat on the shore, if you got the time

hey maybe even some dude in a raincoat there, a lantern in his
hand, leaning over the railing, mouth open in awe

but really, a very good pic already, excellent perspective :thumbsup:



@ Lemog:

:slight_smile: Ok, I can post the end of the story later the day…but it’s sad…:cry:

@ texxx: Thank’s for the kind words!!:wavey:

@ Squibbit: I already decided not to crowd up the island, but the idea with the lighthouse keeper is good, if I’ve enough time…Thank’s a lot for your visit and the suggestions…!:slight_smile:



Again I need some help. …I’ve made two quick renders without particles to show the problem. Putting fog in the scene, the render brightens and I have white reflections in the water( first pic)…Second pic without fog keeps the mood of a late evening scene and I have the reflections of a more dark sky in the water…So would it be a good idea to put just a fog layer in post in the scene, having than more layered clouds of fog in the background…?



I like the idea of a bit of fog in the environment, but I didn’t like how light is it in your render. It looks that is to much enlighted… So watching both images now I really prefer the darker one… but probably with a bit of fog you will increase a interesting felling in the image… Just a very personal pov…



hello Sabrina, great job:thumbsup: , for me I prefer the 1st screen with the fog and his light but for the second the sea is the best it’s more realistic without the white reflection,
good continuation and courage:)