Spectacular 3D Entry: Sabrina Bott


wow! sabrina! your image come along nicely! very well atmosphere ! and lemog’s suggestion would be cool! add some birds or bats to make more live and give a sense of distance and size, some point i notice is , is it too bright? maybe you can darken some area to make your crature and tower more stand out?


I tend to agree with Lemog about having some more stuff on the island. Maybe a few rocks?
But on the other hand it sort of looks like high tide comes right up to the base of the lighthouse? So there may not really be much stuff hanging around…

Looking good.


You’re going for that sky , and it’s totally fine for me :bounce: :bounce:
That’s just great Sabrina…

And I’m just dying to wait details you’re talking about…

oh and btw , no snailing for you !! :twisted: otherwise terrible things will happen :scream:


Things are really looking great here. I think it would be cool if you could make a light beam that is shooting off into the distance. Here is a cool example I found

Also, I think that if you made it darker out like in this picture it would be more dramatic. Right now your scene looks like it was an overcast day. I think it would be more visually appealing if it was lit by cool colors like in the picture above and the light coming from the lighthouse would provide a very nice contrast of warm colors. Flossy could be lit by moonlight which would make things more “romantic” and emotional than an overcast day. I leave the final choice up to you though.


Great work Sabrina, i really like the your scene :bowdown:. Maybe you could decrease a bit the genereal light, no? I’m thinking a bit strong, just a opinion. Keep going my friend, my favorite. :thumbsup:


Hi Sabrina,
most impressive,the atmosphere rocks.Only suggestion would be to add a layer of rain,cause i think it looks like a rainy day and it would add a lot to depth.
Beautiful work so far:thumbsup:


great going mate~drop in 3d challenge once in a while and u guys are doing great~i like this one,nice wip’s since the begining,the sense of lighting and the composition,i like especially the wet skin surface of the creature and the water.good job and good luck!:thumbsup:


Good morning, Sabrina :slight_smile:

I agreee with that comments about some fixes in your image :slight_smile: Hope you have enought time for this :slight_smile:


@ Eumel: Thank’s for the compliment, Martin - and I know that this was your favorite sky during all my tests…:slight_smile:

@ Gunilla: Hey Gunilla, no, you are not at all useless:eek: , you know that after a while of tweaking here and there the feeling for the whole scene is completely lost - so of course I need some more eyes to take a look at my attempts…But I’m glad that you like it, thank’s for your support!

@ Lemog: Yes, some more stuff is exactly what I’m doing now:) …you have some good suggestions, I’ll keep this in mind…perhaps some of your birds want to come for a visit…

@ monsitj: Thank’s for dropping by and I’m glad to hear that you like the scene. You think it is too bright…that’s important for me, cause I’m still struggling with the calibration of a new monitor:rolleyes: …I’ll fix this…thank’s for your advice!

@ soapy: Hi Jim, you’re right, water is coming from time to time…but in spite of this I’m modeling some additional stuff…thank’s for taking a look!:slight_smile:

@ Zapan: Hey Stéphane, I hurry up with the details . No snailing around, at the moment I’m struggling with technical problems…this challenge seems to be hardware consuming for me, first a monitor, now a laptop…:banghead:

@ gardogg: Oh, a nice reference pic, Gary, thank you. Meanwhile I also think I should lower the brightness…with the next update!:slight_smile:

@ denverbz: Hi Alan, nice to see you here again! I’ve heared about the brightness and will decrease it, thank’s for your advice!:slight_smile:

@ Mr Micro: ThanK’s for the compliment…hmm, no rain:curious: , cause there is fog…but I’ll add a little more of the fog, at least in post…

@ shake: Thank’s for dropping by and your nice words, Michael!

@ bne[/b]: Hi Stepan, I’ll do my very best…!:arteest:



absolutely superb… the water is amazing, I love how real it looks!


Hiya Sabrina,

haven’t been around too much, had to finish some work and visit some clients…

Again, great stuff you’re producing! About that light at the top, gardogg’s example shows a hint of yellow, which I think you should at least experiment with.

One thing I am wondering about the sky for some time now. In your lighting milestone there’s a light to simulate the upcoming sunlight from the back. I’d say the clouds should be lit up just a little from underneath then and the empty sky should be much darker. This might also help darken the far side of the scene a little and put the focus more on the lighthouse and flossy…

until the next update,



hey sabrina,

The lighting helped the composition a lot… love the effect of the water (even though it could have been a little more exagerated) and the mood of the image in general… I dont know if i will be able to post again but i wish you the best of luck…:thumbsup:


I like the lighting very much now. i agree with lemog’s suggestions about bringing more props in the scen that the main characters( lighthouse, flossy) to give more of a home feeling in the lighthouse. great updates sabrina


I would say…the image rocks…what in my humble opinion will make it tottaly jaw dropping would be …more fiery sky ./…add clouds …dark clouds…and just try if possible to add splashing wave at the beach rocks …high splashing ones…just my humble thought…i love this piece by the way. :bounce:


Very beautiful image. The atmosphere is very nice, but I agree entirely lemog with his remarks for the island.

PS: I like the effect of water enormously. The drops are they generated by particles?


Hi daWinky,

I’m so sad to read about your hardware problems.
Will this stop the marvelous updates?
What’s wrong with your notebook? Do you think a doctor coult rescue it?
Good luck for you, and your remaining hardware pool.


hiya Sabrina… the image is simply looking fantasticaly cool!:bounce: :bounce: !


Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been too busy yesterday…

@ Versiden: Thank’s for this great compliment, Martin!:bowdown:

@ ObiGert: Hiya Gert, already missed you:) …I’ve seen gardoggs reference and see what you suggest, I’ll give it a try - still working on the lighting…CY with the next update!

@ icedeyes: Hi George, it’s nice that you found some time to look in here again. Thank’s for the good wishes! I hope to see you in the next challenge with more spare time!!:wavey:

@ Agamemnwn: Thank’s Jannis, I’m just testing how additional stuff on the island will look like…:slight_smile:

@ Dimitris: Thank’s for the nice words, you’re too late for sky voting:twisted: …just kidding, I found this sky fitting best and decided quiete early to make not so huge breaking waves…but I’m glad that you like the scene though…:slight_smile:

@ PhiPJ: Hi Philippe, thank’s for dropping by! You’re right, the drops are made with max’s particle system, glad that you like it!:slight_smile:

@ Eumel: Hey Martin, I’ve just lost some recent data, so I’ve to remodel some things, lucky me that I don’t have to render with the poor notebook…and my remaining hardwarepool is a “repair or replace next day”-service thingy, so I’m not really afraid of more bad news…so the recent lack of updates is not a question of technical problems…Thank’s for sharing my sorrows…!:love:

@ yunisirees: Hey Hamid, that’s the motivation I need, thank you!!:bounce:

Still struggling with the lighting at the moment and bad news for the ones you love a lot of details…tests make me think of remaining the island as it is. I don’t really like how additional stuff it coming out…I can show an example of what i mean soon…Stay tuned



good rendrind…but i thing that you can make the lighte more dark…and little blue…


I’m not sure if I like the details on the island - I tend to keep it as desert and waste as it was…Still waiting for the whole thing to render and show it later…I’ve also decreased the light and hope it’s not too dark now…