Spectacular 3D Entry: Sabrina Bott


I kind of prefer the previous sky over this last one.

Everything looks pretty good overall, but I think you’ve lost some contrast on the monster itself lately - it looked a lot better a while back when she clearly had a dark side and an illuminated side, whereas it’s somewhat too evenly lit right now. She looked more wet before, and that made more sense IMHO.



I really like this one , although the previous one added some colors to the scene which could something cool.
Well IMHO this last one has more a lonely sad feeling , but the previous one was more pleasant to look at…(don’t know if that’s making sense)…

I also kind of agree with James about the contrast on the flossy…

Keep the great work Sabrina , you’re almost there :bounce:


hi sabrina, i agree with james about losing contrast on flossy. you can use the lights in the scene in your advantage thow if you like this sky. use the lighthouse light to bring up the contrast on flossy as well as the light breaking in from the clouds.i personally liked the previous sky


Hi daWinky,

let me be honest. Take the previous sky.
The last one is awful. It terribly pulp up the scene.


More and more difficult … I agree with what Steph says about mood versus beauty, your pick entirely :slight_smile:
I think both will work well. James has a good point about the contrast in Flossie - I second that too.
Hmmm - I don’t seem to be able to come up with anything original to say today - so I just add: it’s looks splendid :thumbsup:


@ JamesMK: Hi James, you’re of sure right with the contrast, in this version is a lot of diffuse light and reflection, adding fog takes away more contrast…it seems that I should render different passes to get this problem solved…Thank’s for your helpfull comment!:slight_smile:

@ Zapan: Thank’s for the motivation, Stéphane:cool: ! I understand what you think about the skies…this is my opinion too and in this moment I tend to take the the less beauty and more hazy sky…but only if I can fix the problems with the contrast…so another night to see what I get…CY:wavey:

@ Agamemnwn: Thank’s for dropping by, Jannis. Yes, I have to work on the light…I hope to show the result soon…time is running!:scream:

@ Eumel: You really don’t like it…:cry: I’m getting more and more unsure…Anyways, on Monday morning I’ll make the final decision, no more time for endless tests…Thank’s for being honest…

@ Gunilla: Thank’s for taking a look at my attempts:) …I’m really doubleminded at the moment. I think I try to fix the problems with the contrast, make a proper light setup for both versions and load them up for a direct comparison - there’s still a lot to do, so I have to go to the next steps…CY:wavey:

Ok, I’m coming up with a direct comparison between both versions as soon as possible…



The more I looked at the two versions the more I found positve points for both of them,:scream: the second has a great mood which goes well with the scene and the creature is more readable on it but the contrast of the first one makes it more interesting sky to look at. So hey, the choice is yours, sorry I can’t be more helpful Sabrina, this is just my opinion… They both look so nice anyway:thumbsup:


Hi daWinky,

I beg you pardon, I don’t want to make you cry :slight_smile: .

I’ll wait for you next update with both pics side by side and then I will give my final vote.


I think the sky is just perfect, Sabrina.It really fits seamlessly with the whole image


I’m thinking a mixture of 2. I liked the one with the stars but thought maybe there should be more clouds, so you could go with mostly cloudy with some stars poking through in places. May be an alternative to just having one kind of overcast.

By the way, Its looking great.:thumbsup:



I liked the old sky better…

Great work on the skin! It just looks so good! :eek:


I’m a bit late here… but no oubt for me… the previous sky was the best for me…

…why… just because all your setup are done in function of this particular environment… give by this sky… colors, textures, light… all was done for it… normal that this one the better for your scene…

… nothing to add more… just the first of the first…

Your other skies test are very good too… but keep them for another projects :thumbsup:

Kisses from France :scream:


@ thierry: Thank’s for the nice words, Thierry! It took me a while, but I’ve made up my mind now…:rolleyes:

@ Eumel: Don’t worry, I can stand a lot of critics:D …! And I think your first impression was right!

@ shakes: Thank’s for the motivation, John!:slight_smile:

@ detached: Glad that you like the scene, Brian…and thank’s for your sky-voting!:slight_smile:

@ Sonia: Thank’s Sonia for your visit:wavey: …glad that you like the skin!!

@ Lemog: Ahhh, Laurent, wish you have been here this weekend…I wasted a lot of time for testing all the skies and struggling with light adjustments:rolleyes: …but the solution is quite obvious. Of course your right, it’s all made for this sky, so it fits best in the end…Don’t know why I’ve been so blind, may be I just needed some sleep and a push in the right direction:blush: . Thank’s a lot Laurent and kisses back to France:love: …

OK, no more tests…It will be the previous sky…Thank’s for all the support and patience with my tests. I hope to adjust the light and show an update today…



Oh Damned… I’m ashamed… sorry to don’t be here this week-end… I imagine your actual feeling about your tests… but I don’t think they’re done for nothing… test are done and now, the choice appear sure for you…

If you want, you can anyway to increase the quality of your sky… you keep the same way, and you try to add it more depth… it’s the only another way possible for this sky I think… but maybe it’s not very useful… it’s already very good… and not very easy to have something better…

If you have time… why not… for your pleasure, and our too…

…but maybe remain you more interesting details to add ? then, maybe the sky can wait… forget it few days…


@ Lemog: Hehe:D , no problem Laurent, I heard the vote for the previous sky before, but I was just to bullheaded to hear and to see:banghead: …it’s the problem of dealing to long with one picture, I guess…I hope you had some nice parties…:slight_smile:



So, I have to get rid of the lighting milestone, I hope the pic is not too confusing - main lights are a sky light and a target direct for the diffuse lighting, another target direct to simulate the upcoming sunlight from the back - the wire shows the omni and spot for the lighthouse lens and different spots for additional lighting of Flossy and the particles…



Old sky = new sky :wink: , another texture for the island and some light adjustments, - the best lighting I can get in one pass, I think I have to render different passes to have enough contrast…I’m going now to model some more details…



Hi daWinky,

the light is great! :bounce:

I like the halo around the lighthouse lantern. :thumbsup:

And I can’t repeat it enough times: the waves and the reflections on the water surface are awesome.

I am glad to see, that you have decided to use this kind of sky.
This is the best one I can imagine.


Oh Dear! I’m beginning to become completely useless here… for each update I want to jump and scream: Yes! Perfect! :scream: I can’t keep them apart anymore, since they’re all look very good.
Nice to see your lighting setup :thumbsup:


Just thinking about the island… maybe it’s possible to find something to give something less uniform… stones or other things… something to catch a little more lights and shadows, to enriched a little this part, to give more detph…

…and about birds ?

pieces of wood or old boat gate… in the water near the island… not very visible… just to see there’s something at this place… or very old structure parts of boat…

…no little reflection on the little bell ?

…a little sheet of red fabrics… hung to the rambarde of the balcony and floating in the wind…

Some thoughts :shrug: