Spectacular 3D Entry: Sabrina Bott


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Latest Update: Final Image: The Lighthouse Visitor


Perhaps you know the short-story, that’s behind my concept.
It is “The Foghorn” by Ray Bradbury and in short words it is the story of some kind of seabeast
from deep down the sea, perhaps the last of his species, being lonely for many thousand of years and he hears the sound
of a foghorn. A voice like his own voice. And he comes to look for this lighthouse with the foghorn, may be it’s a compagnion.
The monster cried out at the tower. The foghorn blew. The monster roared again…

I wish all participants the best luck and fun and I hope
that I’m able to bring my concept to a reasonable picture…


nice one!

that’s gonna be hard doing all the water…



nice sketch. i like it.
good luck with your concept. :bounce:


This looks spectacular allready.Great concept and cant wait to see more :thumbsup:


yeah, looks good, but good luck with the water :slight_smile:


Thank’s for your nice replies!
And yes, I’m already afraid of the water, all water I made before was in a glass… so I’m only sure of one thing: I will learn a lot and I need all help I can get!
So to calm myself, I will begin modeling the lighthouse - a quite save terrain.



Very cool idea for a nice drawing… I really like that… Best wishes for the continuation… I impatient to discover the first polygons… :thumbsup:


To scale my scene - and to show you some polys - I made a rough model of my lighthouse.
Not so spectacular yet…but, hey, here is my first wire!



Hi Sabrina,

That’s a nice story and it will make a good image when done. The model of the light house looks great so far. Good luck .


Wow, i not had seen still his concept, very nice. I’m impatient to see more. Good luck


good model. i’m curious what’s coming next … :rolleyes:
the monster is definitely harder to model, but you will manage it. :thumbsup:


Thank’s for the motivation. To tell you the truth: I’m afraid of monsters,
especially of modeling monsters:scream: . But I give it a try!



nice sketch an modeling.:thumbsup: cheers.


First part of modeling comes nicely… about the monster… difficult to model it ? yes and no… the final quality of your picture really depend of the moond you build around your elements, mood, lights, effects and so… the compositing. Finally, when you think to these details, this monster is nothing than a detail of your scene :scream: good continuation :thumbsup:


@Lemog: That’s a good point. I think I will continue with working on the environment and than see how the overall look comes out.



I have made a basic scene setup to get a feeling for scale and perspective of the image and to see how it will look with some calm water.
All suggestions for improvement are very welcome.


wow what a calm dreamy render thats is!:thumbsup:no crits so far! let the monster come and rave havoc!


Sweet work… and beautiful see… just a thought about the lighthouse… if you keep this framing, maybe there will be judicious to force the perspective view by putting right more the lighthouse, a little with the manner of the monuments of ancient Greece.
If you keep like that, you risk to close the vision… but for sure, also depend of the other elements…


@Lemog: Dont know if I understand your suggestion. You think it would be good to put the focus more on the lighthouse?