Spectacular 3D Entry: Rudy Gjurkovic


Basically the same setup as the Mouse and the Environment, just a couple of tweaks were done to soem of the lights.

Note: Environment used the same light setup.


Here is how the mouse looks rendered with the light setup. A simple blur was also applied


The Falcon I thought seemed to come out nicely. The feathers look soft - just needs a little tweaking in post


Just a quick little environmental piece that is closer to the camera.


Here is the main background image. Just a snowy landscape with some trees added in the distance. They are blurred now, and will be blurred more in post - not a main component of the scene…just a filler for the negative space


Starting the compositing part of the piece…


added the falcon…


I added a background to the image to give it a nice dark confined feel…


I added the environmental piece - Catstail - to evenly distribute the balance and framing over the picture.


In this composite, I first brought the falcon in closer to add to the intensity of the shot. I touched up some color correcting on general pieces and adjusted blurring to aid in focus.


First I touched up some colors by adding some more blue tones and readjusting other colors to givethe piece a “cold” feeling. I touched up a couple of blurring issues and then cropped the piece slightly to add to the “tight” confined feeling.


I added some snow to the piece to give it a sense of movement. I then applied a motion blurto the snow to make it feel like a blizzard is coming…I think this all adds to the intensity of the piece.


Here it is. All done and complete. I added some framing bars and a title “Survival.”

Story: Well I have always been fanscinated with wildlife in general, and I thought it would be challenging to myself to try something that is close to real life, that I dont see on an everyday basis. I chose this concept for the Spectacular Challenge, because I wanted to try to achieve that “National Geographic” type photo, that makes people say “Wow, that really happened?!” Not many people get to see this in real life, so that is why I decided to do it.
The story itself is basically an image that leaves you with a question in the end…There is a Deer Mouse whom is resting above a crabapple bush/plant. The Deer Mouse is going about his task in possibly looking for food, while he doesn’t notice the Falcon, that has been noticing him. The Falcon dives in for his meal. The question that the piece leaves someone is… does the Deer Mouse get caught by the Falcon, or does he escape? I guess that answer is up to everyone’s own opinion. It is the natural progression of life - Prey and Predator-



Thanks guys for posting in my section…I cant believe I got it all done in time. I actually entered the copetition pretty early on, I just kept have new ideas pop in my head and I finally settled on one a while ago - Survival. This is my first time entering a challenge here, and I should have posted my work a lot earlier, I was just bound to my computer working hard on the project - I couldn’t take a break, nor did I know for sure I was going to be able to make the deadline or not. I plan on entering many more challenges in the future - those times; however, I am going to post much more efficiently…Thanks guys and good luck to all…



Hey Rudy,

Nice image and it is well done:thumbsup: although I think I would have had the mouse facing the viewer more . Wouldn’t the mouse see the falcon coming?

Once you start posting images you don’t have to finish the contest although it is nice to finish the challenge. This way people can comment on your work and you can provide tips on how you did things.

Any ways , I liked seeing the progression of your image and see you in the next challenge.


Yeah, I think you are right about the mouse facing a little more towards the camera…also, in future challenges, I am definitely going to me more efficient with my posts…thanks


So very close to seeing the final results…can hardly wait.


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