Spectacular 3D Entry: Rudy Gjurkovic


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I didnt know for sure if I was going to have time to finish this contest, but in the end -I finished it.
This is a rough concept of my entry entitled “Survival.” I was going for a more of a “National Geographic” photo. I wanted to capture something that we all dont see on an every day basis - but still exists. It is a Falcon hunting a Deer Mouse, and the Deer Mouse is looking for food of his own.


A quick concept of my Deer Mouse.


This is a concept sketch of my Falcon…I am kind of going for a sleek look, but high in detail for the final image


I just kind of ran with the head design, and wanted to work some detail into the feathers. I am hoping to make individual feathers for the falcon for the final rendering. So, I just wanted to sketch an idea of how they might look


My God, time left 6 hours, common man, you need be so fast. Good luck


This is how I started with my Deer Mouse. I decided to attack the ear first, because I thought it would be easiest from then on. I like to model insections and then attach pieces as I near the end.


Once I have a good grasp on the ear, I move to the head. Starting about the same way, I like to do a rough block out first, then add the details on multiple passes.


Here is the body…again done the same way.


I laid out some UVWs in order to get a nice texture, which I will show in a texture post. Then, I set up a Bi-ped rig, just so I can deform my Mouse


After the rig is done, I then position the mouse untop of some branches, as if he is resting and waiting.


The modeling of my claw for the falcon that I am making. I added more detail as I make more passes over the object.


This was a quicker modeling time, because I knew that I would have feathers over the main body to cover the mesh.


This was definitely the hardest part of the falcon. I individually place over 2000 feathers over the body. Most were alpha mapped, but some were modeled - the ones that were going to be seen the best - the outer wings were modeled.


Hey Rudy,

Interesting concept and the modeling looks great so far:thumbsup: . I think you should have been uploading these wip as you did them instead of uploading them all now at the end of the challenge. Check out the contest guidelines .

Anyways , look forward to what you come up with.


This is the simple model of the area where the Deer Mouse rests. I made two tpyes of scenery - one with snow, and one without.


This is the texture I used for the mouse. I started with taking a picture of my own hair, then manipulating it until I got it to flow correctly along the contours of the mesh. Others maps, mainly hand painted were also used in this texture - very large texture also


This is a very large texture also, about 4000 x 4000. Mostly all hand painted, except for a couple of maps. The Deeer Mouse in general, has a lot of large maps all over the body - including his feet.


Here is the Falcon, fully textured. The main head was started with a photo then painted and manipulated. The feathers are two-sided materials with darker tops and lighter bottoms. Most of the feathers, except for the outer ones that were modeled, also used an alpha made to soften there edges.


This is a pretty easy lighting setup. I just used a Daylight System with two omni lights. I kept the skylight on, but didnt use GI - it made a nice soft image in the render.